Remnants of a Slain God

Heroes of a Fallen Sky: Basic

A Terran Alliance dropship delivered the new recruits to their ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper) basic training under the sizzling outback sun. Among the fresh meat was Harper Valen, the top clearance sniper transfer, Felicia Zana,the Melian ex-crusader melee expert, and Dallas Chester, the heavy weapons and explosives expert. They got a taste of the rough training that was ahead from their drill instructor Ullrich Magnus. After hours of training, they finally got a break where they met their next squad mate. The former penal legion soldier was locked in a metal box being carted around by military personnel. Out of curiosity, Harper and Felicia asked around, and eventually Harper asked them outright. To stir up the recruits, they threw him in the box with the naked and handcuffed Xu Chen. After a short fight in close quarters and a vigorous box shaking, Harper was released to resume training and Xu was taken to be processed.
They eventually came back together for full contact hand to hand training. Harper ended up effortlessly beating the malnourished Xu, with the close call of a knife being thrown into the mix that would have given Xu the edge (Pun intended). Felicia ended up killing a Swidek recruit by instinctively using powerful claw slashes. She did not end up getting in trouble, but had to remember to hold back a little more in training. Dallas was taken to the medical facilities after smarting off to Magnus and getting his nose broken. There was an arguement made between Xu and Magnus about the Swidek body and it was agreed that Xu could get it cooked up and eaten. The rest of the recruits ate delicious food at the mess while the unaware Xu had traded his meal time for a Swidek shank. Harper, being the nice guy, smuggled him a baked potato that was promptly found and smashed by the senior officers, but a piece of garlic bread was also revealed later by Harper, which Xu ate with gusto.
While the others training vigorously, Xu had made a deal with a Dwarf senior officer to help with maintenance for cigarettes, considering he already had vigorous military training. Over the weeks they worked together and became an offical squad under Dallas Chester’s leadership and had made the cut, avoiding the numerous deaths and dropouts in ODST training. They arguably agreed on the name: Star Badgers. (See emblem at the top)
They finished up their training with a simulated combat scenario using Braggadocio sim-gear. The Star Badgers took a machine gun mounted jeep down a winding dirt road to a concrete fort they needed to secure. Xu drove, Harper sat in a passenger seat with his rifle at the ready, Dallas took the gunner position and Felicia relaxed and enjoyed the ride. They were ambused by a mortar team, but Dallas and Harper were able to detonate the shells with well placed machine gun and sniper shots in the air. They easily wiped out the men on the mortars and continued to take out the rest of their squad.
The fort was close as a limpet grenade was launched from a window at the vehicle. With more gunfire, they were able to stop the explosive in the air. Harper then blew away the soldier who launched the grenade. When they reached the door, traps were placed and Xu stealthily snuck inside and slit the throat of the last remaining defender.
They valiantly held the fort from all the other squads and earned top honors. They heard from the Dwarven senior officer that there was a possible involvement in Helixia.

6 Years later: In orbit of Alligita Prime, the Star Badgers are being shaken up and motivated as their squad a few other choice task groups are being dropped onto the world as one of the first assault groups.



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