Remnants of a Slain God

In Good Hands

Mordrick and his crew began their descent out of the Hangman Mountains cave. After being guided by the Nosferatu, they reached the exit. Though Jack Carter had to be restrained by the Kilden Pitch Black from attempting to kill the Nosferatu, they all made it out alive. A small dropship arrived piloted by Benjamin Foster to pick them up and take them back to the interceptor Starship that run off the Baraka. Foster informed them of how glad he was that they were alive. He brought Richard Ray Gastley and Sarah Shorttail to the medbay, where doctors were standing by. For nearly completing the job, Sarah was rewarded with a bionic leg, just as good as her actual leg, that the doctors installed. Richard, however, had slipped into a coma and but was brought to stable condition.
They waited for Hank Wolfe to arrive and receive his Godshard for two days before he showed up. Then in walked the most beautiful man they had ever seen, with the Wolfe Pack mercenaries literally rolling out a red carpet and scattering rose petals in his path. He socialized with the crew a while before finally popping open the drone container. There it was, in the form of Braugh-Ghul‘s still beating heart. After some initial confusion, Taranath explained that in its current form, it would have to be eaten to receive its power. He gets his mercenaries to pull out the fancy china, silverware and a lot of steaksauce. After he eats the heart, without spilling a bit of steaksauce on his rhinestone studded westernwear, he explains that he is really Conrad Reingard. He urges the supposed Jakarus Crackedclaw to reveal that since last they saw him, he had been replaced with Cyx. Before they could retaliate, the Wolfe pack mercs and the Changelings ordered them to drop their weapons. After hesitation, they gave in and were ordered onto the dropship, along with Foster.
While Conrad forced them to try to bargain their way out of their execution, many feelings about Mordricks captaining skills were shared and used as a distraction to get the mercs to lower their guard. Chauncey and Mordrick were the first to make a break and fight the mercs and get their weapons back by the time they landed. Eventually most of the mercs were killed and Conrad just laughed as he knew this was the easier way to do things, since he never really trusted Mordrick anyways. Cyx transformed into a 10’ stronger variant and Conrad changed into a 45’ monstrocity (see top of the post).
After a long fight that was ended by taking out Conrads legs and everyone assaulting his skull and eye socket that exposed by Kilden ripping out an eye. They won but Taranath was injured significantly and Foster will be never be the same after being doused with Cyx’s special acid formula all over his head and face, though they barely kept him alive until he received proper medical attention. The talks of insubordination of Mordricks captaining came up again and tempers were flaring. The real Hank Wolfe showed up along with Ziezl Baron, awarding every member with 100,000 Credits for their service. Baron recognized Richard as someone who owed him a substantial amount of debt and took custody of him (Dragged his comatose ass onto his ship) and ended up making a bargain to work with Jack Carter, who he was impressed with. Carter left with Baron and Sarah took Kilden and Taranath with her to go help out Chauncey. Chauncey decided to take a break from almost getting killed every day under Mordricks service and open up his own candy store. He was the only one who left on good terms with Mordrick. Zip ended up staying with Mordrick as he still owed him a left debt, and surrendered his cut of the money. Mordrick had used that money to purchase Taranath to bring back Starlight one more time, in good time.
Mordrick left the others on his newly restored ship they handed to him, the new Traitors Mark. There is no doubt he would continue his adventures after he took some time off. After all, he did have that offer from Foster to become a member of The Agency and he had a large portion of cash and a ship.



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