Remnants of a Slain God

I.S.I.S. Lost Logs II

Pre Murk

Earnest and I managed to collect ourselves after that… thing crashed into the mining vessel. His injuries were more severe than mine. A shattered kneecap, dislocated shoulder, and a cracked tibia; not that surprising considering his refusal to wear anything more protective than that tacky labcoat. I managed to get away with only a cracked rib and a broken wrist. We did what we could to treat ourselves as quickly as possible before starting to wade through the twisted wreckage of the ship. Not much was salvageable, but as we dug deeper we started to find the bodies of the digging team in a most disturbing manner. Each of them had had the flesh evaporated completely away from their skeletons, but even stranger were the markings that had been etched upon their bones.
Earnest had a difficult time deciphering it, but he did manage to make out a recurring character which he told me was the most ancient language he had ever seen. It said ‘suffer.’ Neither of us liked the look of it, and even I was a little hesitant to keep sifting through the rubble. I could tell just from the weight of the air that this was old magic. I had come into contact with it personally before, and it never really leaves you. After looking for what seemed like no time at all we found the object in question. It seemed to be radiating a kind of psychic aura, and it was as if it wanted to be found. It was a black box. The same kind you’d find in Deathshadow class ships. These things are meant to take a beating on the front line, but you’d never believe it if you hadn’t seen it because this one didn’t even have a scratch.
I told Earnest to stay back because neither of us could tell what might happen when we retrieved it. I reached down to check if it was safe to touch, and it wasn’t even hot. It should’ve been scorching, but it was… unnaturally cold. I picked it up while giving Earnest the okay to come take a closer look when the ground started to shake. It didn’t feel like an earthquake… no. It was the bodies of the crewmen. We looked up to see the bones vibrating their way towards a central point where they started to arrange into a hulking monstrosity made of bone and black smoke. In place of one of its arms was a long serrated blade formed from scraps of the ship mixed in with the bones. This was the most powerful necromancy I had ever seen.
Damn thing is outdated. We’re docking soon anyway. I’m cutting this here.



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