Remnants of a Slain God

The Murk Expedition: Part 1

Starships, Serpents and Slag

Hello. My name is Doctor Ernest Hoffman. I’m the leader of this expedition.

Our primary public mission was to gather live specimens from a mostly abandoned world for research. The types of specimens, reasons for their capture, and secondary missions are classified. Identities and information of key crewmen are classified and off the record. My expedition team consisted of a personally selected group of scientists and crewman along with military contractors who would provide security for our operations. We were in orbit above the planet murk when tragedy struck.
We encountered a derelict vessel that had been damaged in a most peculiar manner. Instead of signs of explosives or laser weapons, this ship appeared to have been sheared repeatedly and torn to shreds. To satisfy the curiosity of the crew, we dispatched some of our contractors to perform an out of ship venture to investigate the ship and retrieve the blackbox. Upon their return, they reported seeing a strange humanoid figure that glowed gold and seemed to toy with them. We decided to have them stay put, thinking perhaps their suits were contaminated and were hallucinating.
Then a golden glow painted a runic figure into the void and from its center poured a colossal serpent. One of our two gunships, the Dragonview, engaged this target and was promptly and violently sheared in half. The two pieces crashed to the planet, and I assumed all crewmen aboard are dead. The Cypress, meanwhile, went to pick up our contractors and was also destroyed with a deadly blast of energy breath. As I was soon to be targeted anyhow, I ordered our science vessel, the Furtherance, to retrieve the stranded. Our larger ship was outfitted with better shields but was quickly being destroyed.
My crew began to become affected by a strange affliction, causing their eyes to glow golden and to become murderous to anyone not affected. The only ones not affected were myself, my personal bodyguard I.S.I.S. and the contractors who had been out of ship. When they had arrived, I ordered them to clear the ship of all afflicted and quarantine themselves. However, as the serpent began to devour the ship, the time needed for caution was absent. We needed out and fast.
The contractors managed to clear the decks of the afflicted and free myself and ISIS from our panic room. By that time, the entire ship had been swallowed hole. Along with my engineer, Bartholomew Draccus, we managed with some quick thinking, to route the ships power to the propulsion. We drove the ship straight through the digestive tract and powered through before the acid could melt the hull.
This creature that summoned the serpent now revealed itself and seem to offer safe passage onto the planet. We quickly accepted and flew what was left of our mangled ship to the planets surface.



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