Remnants of a Slain God

The Murk Expedition: Part 2

Siege of Firestone Falls

Despite having a gunship destroyed, the science vessel passed through the digestive tract of a colossal space serpent and having most of my expedition team dead before we even step foot on this planet, I’m feeling pretty confident about this mission. I don’t mind that hundreds of thousands of credits were wasted and that I’ll have to send letters to grieving family of the crew. That’s just fine. Really.
Despite the setbacks, we manage to practically crash land our ship into the nearest populated town with a starship port, Firestone Falls. The town is built around the once lucrative hellfire mine, but has long since been abandoned since the underground fires started. The precious firestone material mined from its depths was a choice material to be refined into starship fuel. However, this flammable rock now just feeds that flames that have been burning for decades deep in the mines.
We were greeted by a suspiciously gracious dwarf mayor, Grimwald Brazenbeard. From his agency bios, hes some warlord who took advantage of the evacuation and pressed most of the town to continue working the mines. He lost an arm in a town uprising that was instigated by a rival. He managed to survive and quell the uprising, then had a new mechanical arm made. Supposedly he had quite a reputation for being quite draconian, but from what I experienced, all he wanted to do was drink and argue. He was kind to us, but he was far too crude for my taste. Plus, there was the overpowering smell of strong whiskey and salted meat that exuded from his breath and beard. Very powerful.
The ground team decided they needed some armor and weaponry, so they bartered and traded with Brazenbeard in return for their light gunship, which was mostly wrecked and out of missiles. They got what they wanted, including some free genemods from the local geneticist in town. Hope it was worth it. During their shopping spree in the town they met with a fire clan zelford, Vinyasa, who warned them that staying with Brazenbeard would get them killed because an orcish raiding party was on their way. However, because this zelford seemed a shady sort, they largely ignored him and instead enjoyed his complementary drugs as token of goodwill. Architect forbid you need to be sober in case something serious went down.
Then something serious went down. The ground team, showing their loyalty and thriftiness, decided it best to hightail it out of town by stealing their freshly bartered away gunship. Whoever recommended these guys should be sacked. Was probably one of the dead crewman, so I suppose they get a free pass this time. Anyways, surprise! The mayor was actually inside the gunship. He warned them that flying off right now would be a terrible idea and that instead we should stay and help him fight.
Valen, our elf mercenary, convinced the rest to stick around and try to fight. No sooner than this decision was made, Orcish catapults and siege equipment begin to be used by some surprising stealthy orcs. This invading party of Orcs and grukks managed to invade the town, despite Brazenbeard and the town guards best efforts. I managed to take off in the ship long before the idea of stealing the ship was put into motion. I can always get another ground team if necessary.
While they put up a formidable resistance for a while, eventually the city was overrun and the mayor sent out the emergency order. The entire town was set ablaze to kill as many of the invaders as possible. Before evacuating, Krysek, our vulk punisher, managed to score a devastating blow to the one who seemed to lead the invaders. Alarmingly, the leader stood back up and simply watched as they fled the burning town. They managed to escape the fires, taking Vinyasa, the fire zelford as a guide, and headed into the mines.
They traversed for several hours, deep into the mines dark and twisting turns, enduring the searing heat and choking smoke. I was watching from an armchair, sipping a coffee that I.S.I.S. had made me while the others were plotting their thievery. They deserved what they were getting. I deserved what I was getting.
Eventually, they were nearly discovered by an orc party that had gotten lost down in the mines. They had planned to attack alongside the other raiding group, but orcs aren’t the brightest creatures. The ground team managed to evade most of them, but then that’s when they saw it…….



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