Remnants of a Slain God

The Murk Expedition: Part 3

Necromorpha and the Hermits Trials

The ground team encountered a specimen I just had to have in the hellfire mine catacombs! It was composed of a strange transparent gelatinous ooze and had obviously enveloped a large amount of bones, decayed bodies and whatever else it encountered among the tunnels. It clumsily crawled at a surprising speed and didn’t leave much room to maneuver around it. Our guide, Vinyasa, refrained from using his fire clan abilities, due to the extreme flammability of the mine. Wise move. With a barrage of most ineffective weapon barrages, they eventually managed to reveal a core controller. It was what appeared to be a xytan fetus. This was simultaneously disturbing and fascinating. They managed to subdue the creature, which dissipated the ooze and they were able to eventually travel out of the mines.
After making camp for the night, they traveled on foot for another day before reaching their destination by twilight. It was the supposed dwelling of the hermit, to whom both Vinyasa and Mayor Brazenbeard had referred us to. However, in view was simply a scenic cliff and waterfall scene that poured into a crystal clear pond and running river. I thought it would be a perfect spot to have a picnic, but I soon changed my mind. When approached, the lake became engulfed in a spontaneous flame.
Luckily, we had our fire clan member who was kind enough to part the flames. About that time a bear came rushing out of the woods. The ground team noticed something was a bit strange and held their fire when it suddenly shouted to them," Don’t shoot!“. I’m fortunate to have a team smart enough not to shoot a talking bear. Then, if a talking bear wasn’t enough, it shapeshifts into an elven girl. She happens to be the sister of ”/characters/valen" class=“wiki-content-link”>Valen, one of my groundteam members. They converse and Valen takes off, with her taking his place. Well if he doesn’t come back, then I don’t have to pay him. I never promised to pay this girl, so I guess I’m okay with it as long as she doesn’t get shot up on her first mission or something.
They travel beyond the waterfall into a carved out tunnel (Fantastic. More tunnels.). They are soon stopped by what they are unaware is a hologram of a djinn. The djinn interrogates them as to why he should let them pass. After some careful persuasion, he lets them pass. They then encounter a grukk hologram who stands in their path. To his side are some very real statues holding rifles. Things seemed to be going well until the greenhorn decides to just bypass this test and was proceeded to be shot up on her first mission. While stabilizing her critical injuries, the Melian contractor, Umbra, managed to bribe the grukk with some leftover catfood. They proceeded to another test, an orc blocking the path. While itching for a fight with my ground team, it was avoided by them explaining their story, telling about the mysterious golden glowing figure that nearly killed us.
They finally reached a chamber, deep within the complex, that glowed with electrical energy and strange technology. A taoto sat silently in the center of the room, hooked into a tangled mass of wires. The taoto seemed to have a good idea that they were coming and our reasons for being here. (even that reason.) He’s an apparent “datastream reader”, a cult dedicated to machine god that focuses on foresight. I’m not entirely convinced of its “prophecy”, but it wouldn’t hurt to check into, considering he seems to know more than he’s letting on.
According to his prophecy, there is an evil xytan sorceror, called “The Maelstrom”, who has come to this world and will bring about six great evils which we must stop at all costs. Only after his threats are vanquished will these “Guardians of Light” allow us to leave this world alive. Something about them being the spearhead of divine intervention and raining down apocolyptic fury down on this world soon… etc. etc. Kind of zoned off when he started with the epic religious babble.



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