Remnants of a Slain God

The Murk Expedition: Part 4

Scavenging and Shootouts

My contractors decide it best to split into two groups: One to continue their venture and another to take their injured companion, Bellisa Redcoat, to seek medical attention. Lloyd and Vinyasa volunteer for the latter team. Why they did not simply ask me for my expertise in treating her wounds, I do not know. Perhaps, they fear I would performed unconsenting experimentation on her. Understandable, considering I’ve never yet encountered a woman who can morph into a bear. Given the chance, I might bearly be able to contain myself.
Vinyasa seemed to have a hired gunman to bodyguard him who had been stalking my contractors, very clever. After the events with the hermit, Vinyasa seems to have put him on loan to our party. Javier Zel, a Zelford sniper, seems somewhat quiet, but very focused and lethal. However, there seems to be more to him than what he shows.. hm.. perhaps I’ll have ISIS stalk him later for further intelligence gathering.
While the contractors took refuge with the strange hermit, I conducted my first round of experiments on our newfound creature. Due to the location of its discovery and its gelatinous physiology, I’ve codenamed it Necromorpha.I find it fascinating that such an unassuming creature at its core can cause such damage. Luckily, I managed to save most of the samples I had obtained from it before it spontaneously revived itself with an apparent second wave of vitality. Or perhaps the creature is more intelligent than previously though, and was biding its time.
Necromorpha had apparently produced enough of its gelatinous form to escape from its containment. It soon began to absorb ship components, furniture and anything else it came into contact with into itself. While simultaneously sabotaging my ship and gathering strength, it came after me. It shot out a pilfered desk from itself with surprising speed. I managed to avoid most of it, but the edge had managed to catch my jawline.
Luckily, ISIS managed to singlehandedly delay the creature and save my life while I pulled myself together to pilot the ship and retrieve the ground team. I remembered how ineffective standard weapons were against it, so I loaned a few of my personal weapon rigs, some old flamethrowers some of my other contractors had to sterilize and remove leftover bits from the old bio labs. Ah, the smell of burning mysterious alien jelly sure brought back memories of the good old days.
My contractors, with some light effort were able to push it to an airlock door, which my engineer graciously opened for it. It had taken some important components, but I was relieved to see it plummet from near orbit. That’s when it opened up and made a sort of parachute and began to land safely. Of course, I should have known better. It never is that easy. Like with most things in my life, I should have had it killed with fire when I had the chance.
I needed the replacement parts so I once again sent the ground team out to retrieve them. Unfortunately, the area was infested with great swarm troops moving through. I figured it best not to tell them. They might rush the job and come back with the wrong parts. They did encounter a small team, but they managed well. Only two newcomers, a construct and a elven girl died during the engagement. Oh, and my engineers robot was destroyed, but he doesn’t seemed too concerned.. Perhaps, this isn’t the first thing he has sent to its death.. Note to self: Possible agency command candidate if he survives.
It seems Necromorpha has gathered some great swarm weaponry and is rounding the corner.. I’ll continue this log after this engagement. I really like to see how this goes. ISIS! That emergency popcorn stash! I need it!



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