Remnants of a Slain God

The Murk Expedition: Part 5

Toothbreaker's Camp

Just as it seemed that subject known as Necromorpha was about to engage with my ground team, a mysterious elf appeared riding atop a hanhon. His mere presence seemed to have spooked it, resulting in a hasty retreat for the moment. He introduced himself as Aiur of Capria, a former ally of I.S.I.S. it seems.. Interesting.
Aiur and my ground team did a substantial amount of trading, including for vital information. He seemed to think one of the “great evils” was on the move nearby, a demonpact Orc named Toothbreaker. This was the big boss orc keeping all the various tribes coordinated, so the sooner we took care of him, the sooner the roaming orc and grukk packs would turn on each other and take care of themselves.
Aiur also reclaimed elven ally and gave us the assistance of a human working alongside him, Kejarisel.
The ground team followed his directions and ambushed the Toothbreaker’s forces in the stormy night. Note to self: A psionicly silenced heavy mech makes a devastating enemy and Grukks are capable of making a dire mess when crushed by said mech. The Grukk scout, a Revenant blademaster, and Changeling shifter and another orc warrior made up his force, but he was by far the most intimidating. His flesh was covered in a fierce fire, but he remained unburned. It took several critical blows to fell him. I suppose the intelligence we bartered for was worth it, as we only caught him in the early stages of his demonic gifts.
Kejarisel was the only one to sustain a heavy injury during this battle, losing his feet from the ankle down from a sword strike.
However, as they approached to return I had lost all signal from my team. What is going on?…Are they still alive?



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