Remnants of a Slain God

The Murk Expedition: Part 6


My communications with the ground team have finally returned after three days of information corruption and inability to contact them. They’ve filled me in on the major details and I’ve managed to recover a fair amount from their body cams corrupted data. However, this new data paints a better picture of the events going on on Murk, and it is unsettling, as I fear we’ve not seen the worst yet.
After losing all communication and guidance, they wandered through the forest which we’ve now identified as a region known as “The Lost Woods”. It is rumored that only a select few can give guidance to the exit and all attempts otherwise would end if failure. It is also said that even a disembodied soul cannot escape these woods without this guidance, resulting in commonly occurring and powerful supernatural activity from wandering spirits. Only the most experienced shamans can stabilize the powerful effects of these woods to allow passage. As luck would have it, they were under the watchful eye of such a shaman, known by her local village as “Gran”.
To test their abilities, she guided them through the woods to the temple of duality, a church dedicated to the harmony between chaos and order. Residing in the temple were two priests: Pure, a dravé priest of order, and Turbulence, a varanid priestess of chaos. The temple was divided in half, each side representing their particular aspects. All seemed well at first, as they were most gracious hosts, granting food, lodging and protection to my ground team. However, ancient rites set forth long ago would force their hand to action.
In a central chamber, on a microplanet, they were forced to take sides and fight for one priest and their aspect. With assistance from the ground team, the side of chaos prevailed despite the efforts of Pure and his radiant golem. To save the life of a irradiated and dying chaos guardian, a monster hunter troll, Kejarisel expended all of his mana and was bedridden for a time. He was cared for by Turbulence, who they had now gained as a powerful ally. She had decided she would take over the temple and attempt to disrupt the enchantments of the forest long enough for them to find their way to the only one she knew could leave: Gran. With the team recovered and a few corpses now hidden under a seemingly infinite amount of pillows, it was time to depart.. and it was not long before they spotted someone whom they did not expect would soon attempt to take their life.



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