Ashton Martin

Leader of Martin's Mercenaries


“I will not tolerate failure. If we can’t drop this son of a bitch up close, then drop the god damn skyscraper he’s standing on. If he gets up from that, bombard him orbit. If he gets up from that, we’ll toss his ass into the sun. If he gets up from that, then he’ll half as scary as me if you guys fuck this up!” -Ashton Martin

Ashton Martin was born and raised on the Capitol City on Longbridge to a family with a long military history. At the age of 17, he enlisted in the Terran Alliance Marine corps. He earned several service medals in his tours in the Alliance-Vulk War. He continued from there to take charge of a military occupation and base building operation on the Varanid world Gilliam. The operation was intended to take the place of the Vulk, who had long been slave masters of the Varanid and had control of their vast army.
When the Varanid rebelled against the new rule, the building operation became a full military conflict. The Varanid swiftly overran the Alliance forces who were already weakened from battling the plethora of indigenous sicknesses and disease that were rampant on that world.
When Martin held out to evacuate the last of his surviving marines, he was bitten repeatedly by a Varanid squad commander named Jakarus Jiri in combat before making it out alive. However, the bites became infected by the local contagion. Before he was fully healed, his right arm, left leg, right eye and part of the right side of his face had to be surgically removed to stop the spreading infection, as they didn’t know how to treat it.
After receiving his medical discharge, he was stationed aboard ship. He had heard through the grapevine that his superior officer had purposefully kept information from him that his wife had been killed months ago. This officer who took up Martin’s position came to the conclusion that the Varanid were more trouble than they were worth. It was ordered that the planet would be bombed from orbit to decimate their major cities and military facilities to keep them from pursuing the Alliance forces.
He was witness to the following assassination of the officer before the order went out by Jakarus Jiri. Martin did not recognize him as the Varanid that caused his injuries and helped him escape. The two, along with Martin’s friend Sheldon, fled on a shuttlecraft and went on to use their retirement funds and savings to start up a freelance mercenary group.
After a few jobs, Martin was able to get enhanced prosthetics that made him stronger than ever and a ship named after his deceased wife, Charlotte.
He went on gathering more crew that included Hank Wolfe,Drimm, Drallk, Tiber Valroth, Gwinfor Deathblight, Surkov Voltraine, Boargart Bitsby, Daulton Astercrash, Urgurus, Jebediah Bitsby, and Mr. Chance. Completing the group known as Martin’s Mercenaries
During his adventures, he discovered that Damien Redd was responsible for loosing Nosferatu on unsuspecting cities, including many of the Melian worlds. To fix this loose end, Damien Redd unleashed Scythen, his right hand man, to “persuade” them to work for him and keep the secret safe. To spare the life of his crew and himself, he relunctantly agreed to do Damien’s dirty work. He went on to make illegal shipments and perform killings of political rivals, enemy forces and untrustworthy people in his organization.
However, Benjamin Foster found out about Martin’s contempt of Scythen and proposed a deal, unaware that Martin also wanted to eliminate Redd as well. Foster shared knowledge of and the location of Chaos Orchids. With these he would be able to reduce Scythen’s power gained from the Godshards, making it a more even fight.
Martin ventured into the Wayward lands and obtained a few of the orchids and had Jebediah Bitsby weaponize them into an aerosol. With their secret weapon in hand, they confronted Damien Redd in person. Redd was killed with a batch of Drimm and Drallk’s Ale laced with an almost untraceable poison made by Jebediah. When Scythen retaliated, Martin and his crew were able to finally defeat him. Although, Martin sustained serious damage during the fight and passed away a month later from his wounds.
His possessions and ship later passed to his ,until then, illegitimate son, Demirius Martin.

Ashton Martin

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