Bartholomew Crypt

Blackreach Privateer Taskmaster


“The People’s Republic needs a man like me. Even though we are a society built upon the principle of equality, there will be those who will deny us. My business is robbing and murdering those men to keep those principles back home. I won’t say that I don’t enjoy it, but I will say that business is good.” -Bartholomew Crypt

“They used to call me a crook and a murderer. Now I’m a hero and a defender of freedom. Didn’t even have to change my company, manners or my job. Just a change of title makes all the difference.” -Bartholomew Crypt

Crypt was a Human born on the Redd Republic planet of Redd’s Heaven. He dropped out of school and went into hiding at the age of 15 after murdering a Republican soldier, stabbing him 6 times and then strangling him with a belt. Most say it was over a heated argument over politics and governmental limits, but Crypt still says it was self defense. He hid out in the slums where police often did not look because of overwhelming organized crime.
He worked his way into a few of the syndicates until he reached 21. The revolution for Blackreachs independence had begun so he used his connections to get a starship and a crew. He would become a successful space pirate, exclusively targeting the Redd Republic trade ships. He would portion out supplies to the freedom fighters and was labeled a privateer for the budding nation. His success and connections would land him the title of privateer taskmaster, given control over all privateers for the entire nation.

Bartholomew Crypt

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