Benjamin Foster

Exiled leader of the Redd Republic


“We as nation must set the example. We must cast aside our love of greed and excess and love what truly matters. If we allow these unending desires for more get in the way.. Then we sacrifice the constitution this nation was founded upon and watch our solace and serenity turn to ruin and war.” – Overlord Benjamin Foster, during the speech of disbanding the Shattershield Corporation

Benjamin Foster was a Human born on Longbridge who served as alongside the Alliance Augmented Marines and eventually became Overlord of the Redd Republic and then later was exiled. He would go to be an operative in The Agency.

Foster’s younger years were mostly spent working for the waste management department in the third district, Longbridge. He eventually grew tired of the work and longed to better his community. The only good way to pay for his education and pursue politics was to enlist. He joined the reserves and went on a political major in the university. Due to his amazing physical and mental aptitude he was accepted into the Augmented Marine Corps. He would receive some slight enhancements but mostly just to integrate himself into power armor.
He fought and won a distinguished service medal for his leadership in the defense of the Redd Republic against Dravé pirates and gained a reputation. This reputation got him a personal invitation from Damien Redd to serve as his Underlord and right hand man. He accepted the offer and for many years held a rivalry with Redd’s personal guard Scythen.
When he learned of Scythen’s plot to gather the Godshards, he took to action and took part in his own secret operations to covertly take out Scythen. He ended up using Martin’s Mercenaries and the Honorbound to take him down. However, when Ashton Martin killed Damien Redd, he was promoted to Overlord and attempted to hunt down Martin.
During his administration, he desperately avoided war with the extremely powerful Dravé Empire. To do this, he had to disband the largest source of income in the Redd Republic: Shattershield Corporation, who had been controlled by a Dravé majority, mostly allied with the Empire. This and other economic downfalls, mostly due to organized crime busting, under his administration led to a civil war for independence on Redd’s Heaven, which became Blackreach. His administration would go down as the worst in their history. A coup and assassination was inevitable.
The next Redd family member in line, Dante Redd, took his place quickly and at the last minute granted a stay of execution. He was simply given the order to be exiled. He was eventually picked up by the agency, who knew he had nowhere else to turn.

Benjamin Foster

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