AKA Mordrick the Traitor


“I’ve always had problems. I never had parents growing up. I’m told that my father died during childbirth and my mother walked out of my life before I was born.” -Mordrick

Also known as Mordrick the Traitor. He was born on the planet Bali. This young Elf orphan was raised in Freedom’s Fall and raised by children who’s parents died in the failed revolutions to overthrow theocratic rule in Capria. After growing to maturity in a life of thievery, debauchery and drunken brawling, he eventually decided to join a cause. He took the oath, received the traditional tattoos and was branded as a member of the Order of Kiskar.
His skills with a blade were top notch, but his heedless lifestyle kept him from any significant rank in order and almost resulted in expulsion from the order multiple times. However, when a dangerous high profile assassination mission was proposed on Caprian royalty, he unwaveringly volunteered. After much planning, money spent and months working his way into the role, he went undercover as a dashing young aristocratic veteran named Desmond Wolfe. He proceeded to form a romantic relationship the target, princess Alexis of Capria. After spending years in this alter ego, he eventually convinced the young princess to wed him. To much shock at their wedding ceremony, Mordrick revealed his tattoos of his order and slayed Alexis at the altar. After a daring escape he went into hiding and, for a while, was Capria’s most wanted fugitive.
He eventually fled from the planet and began going back to his old lifestyle and supported his habits through mercenary work and space piracy. Unfortunately, on one of his mission he crossed paths with Scythen. Sensing potential in Mordrick, Scythen used his powerful psychic abilities to kept a subconscious control over Mordrick when he needed him, then sent him after a target that had been a recent complication to Scythen’s plans.
He found his target he was incarcerated in Longbridge after getting in a gunfight with the crew of the Honorbound, and his target, Captain Belanor of Gabranth. When Mordrick found out that Belanor was also a member of the Order of Kiskar, he offered to join his crew. After a few missions, Scythen’s control swept over Mordrick and he torched the Honorbound and fled, hoping to hinder the crew from further missions of interruption.
After relunctantly working with Scythen for some time, Belanor and his crew eventually caught up to Scythen and vanquished him on Bounty. Free from Scythen’s control, Mordrick still appeared as a traitor in their eyes. Their vengeance was complete after Mordrick was ripped apart by Belanor’s crewmate Trench.
After many years, Mordrick’s corpse was gathered, stitched back together and restored with blood magic rituals by Taranath. However, his memories were not restored and was given a new persona as a masked harlequin assassin named Dahmshel. He was left to wander Bounty aimlessly until Taranath would give him a purpose. The unself-aware Mordrick eventually teamed up with a Shattershield Company squad under the command of I.S.I.S. when the Varanid-Helixian War began. During the Battle of Ironside, the last battle in the war, Mordrick made a deal with the Djinn Samael. He bargained by way of a Runic contract to give up his free will when commanded to by Taranath in return for knowing his true identity and memories. When the deal was done and Taranath came to claim him, he was returned to his old handsome appearance, minus a bit of leftover scar tissue and stitching. Mordrick went on to become Taranath’s squire as he replaced Scythen’s spot as a Saint.
When Taranath went rogue from the Saint’s Legion, Mordrick was sent out until he was needed again, free to adventure again.


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