Turner "Tittlicky" Jones

Hand to Hand Specialist Alliance Augmented Marine


“I make a comfortable living just by punching things. What’s my secret? I punch things really fucking hard.” -Tittlicky Jones
“All the problems in the universe can be solved with the proper application of force.” -Tittlicky Jones
“One time I punched an elf so hard that he burst into a shower of gold coins. True story.” -Tittlicky Jones, when asked about the Wayward

Turner Jones grew up on Mars with a simple dream: to be an augmented marine. He spent most of his time as a kid watching Hank Wolfe movies and practicing his hand to hand in his room in the small apartment he lived in. Until the age of 19, he made his money as a cage fighter under the name “Jackhammer Jones” and started his signature look of being bald with a muttonstache. After that point, he was at a bar and noticed a group of augmented marines. He approached a drunken augmented marine named William “The Lion” Damascus.
Jones asked if he could join up with the squad and get augmented. Though, unaugmented, Jones stood at the same 7 foot level that Damascus did. He seemed strong and determined. Damascus thought he would be good for a laugh and pointed over to his comrade who went by the codename Midas at the time, because his love of all things gold. The salty old marine told Jones that if he had the balls to go over there and lick Midas right on his gold plated tit, then he could try out.
That’s exactly what Turner did. Outraged, Midas took a swing at Jones. Jones’ training kicked in and reflexively dodged the punch and hit Midas so hard that half of his upper teeth were knocked out onto the barroom floor. After a few moments of brawling, Damascus thought it was so damn funny that he instantly took Jones into their squad and paid for all the augmentation procedures and gave him the nickname Tittlicky. He still chuckles to himself anytime someone uses the name. Midas’ procedures were to get a set of solid gold replacement teeth, prompting the new nickname Goldtooth and was the start of a long lasting friendship between him and Jones.
While he was capable of using firearms and other weapons, Jones felt like it was a waste of ammo for him. He always went into battle only using punches, kicks, grapples and other forms of hand to hand combat. It became his trademark and something he would never stray from. Eventually, Gwinfor Deathblight had made a crude drawing on a napkin of an idea device that would be worn like a pair of brass knuckles that emitted a energy burst like a shotgun blast upon impact. It would end most fights with one punch. So Damascus made it happen and equipped Jones with the first set of One Punch Knuckles ever made.
After serving in Damascus’ squad for a few terms of service, he took to freelance work for a time and encountered Belanor of Gabranth and his crew. Their skills impressed him and he joined his crew. However, after Belanor became a Saint and Trench’s influence started sinking in, Jones left as he decided that Belanor had strayed away from his moral compass.

Turner "Tittlicky" Jones

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