Xu Chen

Former Blackreach penal legion soldier/ HAVOC Marine


Total Cost: 250 Character Points

Age:32 Height:5’8" Weight:160 lbs
SM:0 TL:11
ST:12 HP:12
DX:14 Will:12
IQ:12 Per:12
HT:13 FP:13
Basic Lift:29 Damages
Basic Speed:6.75 Thr 1d-1
Basic Move:6 Sw 1d+2
DR:0 Parry:11
Block:9 Dodge:10
Encumbrance Weight Makes Move Makes Dodge
None (0)=BL 29 6 10
Light (1)=BL x 2 58 4 9
Medium (2)=BL x 3 87 3 8
Heavy (3)= BL x 6 174 2 7
X-Heavy (4)=BL x 10 290 1 6
-Reaction Modifiers:

Appearance: -1
Status: 0
Other: 0
-1 from “callous” when past victim, or has empathy
+2 from “Sense of Duty (Squad)” when in dangerous situations if Sense Duty is known
-1 from social stigma (Criminal Record)
-2 from social stigma (valuable property)
-2 from paranoia
-1 from compulsive gambling

Languages Spoken Written
Chinese Native Native
Dravé Accented Accented
English Native Native
-Cultural Familiarities:


Advantage Cost
Combat Reflexes 15
Hard to Subdue 2 4
Military Rank 1 5
Unfazeable 15


Disadvantage Cost
Addiction (Tobacco)(Cheap)(Highly Addictive;Legal) -5
Appearance (Unattractive) -4
Callous -5
Compulsive Gambling (12 or less) -5
Duty (Soldier)(15 or less(almost always))(Extremely Hazardous;Involuntary) -25
Nightmares (12 or less) -5
Paranoia -10
Quirk Cost
Careful -1
Delusion -1
Horrible Hangovers -1
Proud -1
Skill name Level Relative Level Cost
Armoury/TL11 (Small Arms) 13 IQ+1 4
Beam Weapons/TL11 (Pistol) 15 DX+1 2
Beam Weapons/TL11 (Rifle) 15 DX+1 2
Brawling 16 DX+2 4
Climbing 14 DX+0 2
Driving/TL11 (Automobile) 14 DX+0 2
Driving/TL11 (Construction Equipment) 13 DX-1 1
Driving/TL11 (Heavy Wheeled) 13 DX-1 1
Driving/TL11 (Motorcycle/Jetbike) 14 DX+0 2
Driving/TL11 (Tracked) 13 DX-1 1
Fast Draw (Knife) 15 DX+1 1
Fast Draw (Pistol) 15 DX+1 1
First Aid/TL11 (Human) 13 IQ+1 2
Garrote 14 DX+0 1
Guns/TL11 (Pistol) 16 DX+2 3
Guns/TL11 (Rifle) 16 DX+2 4
Hiking 13 HT+0 2
Holdout 15 IQ+3 12
Intimidation 13 Will+1 4
Knife 17 DX+3 8
Lockpicking/TL11 13 IQ+1 4
Mechanic/TL11 (Drop & Cargo ships) 14 IQ+2 8
Piloting/TL11 (Aerospace) 16 DX+2 8
Running 14 HT+1 4
Sleight of Hand 15 DX+1 8
Soldier/TL11 13 IQ+1 4
Stealth 18 DX+4 16
Survival (Jungle) 12 Per+0 2
Survival (Woodlands) 12 Per+0 2
Thrown Weapon (Knife) 16 DX+2 4

Total Equipment Weight:

Item Quantity Location Cost Weight
T.A.S.K. Pack 1 Back 1,000 30 lbs
TAAPR 1 Pack Holster 2,000 8.5 lbs
Carapace Armor 1 Wearing 5,700 25 lbs
Limpet Grenade 2 Grenade Belt 280 2 lbs
SISA 1 Right Leg Holster 350 2.5 lbs
Strobe Grenade 3 Grenade Belt 480 3 lbs
AP TAAPR clip (30) 6 Ammo Bandalier 180 12 lbs
Garrote 1 Grenade Belt 2 Negligible

Common Damages (Calculated w/ ST):

Attack Damage Relative Skill+Acc
SISA 3d+2 pi 18
TAAPR w/ AP rounds 7d pi(2) 20+3
Knife Strike 2d+3(5) cut or 2d+2(5) imp 17
Garrote Special 14

Xu Chen was a Human of Chinese ancestry that was born in Redd Heaven before the Blackreach War of Independence. He grew up when attacks on Redd Republican military and colonial embassies were common. His parents sold their home and left the wartorn region of Coalsmoke to live in a small town called Valmuerta. Xu grew up wanting to be a luxury Starship captain. He honed his piloting skills and worked hard to achieve his goal, but work was scarce.
There were rumors of more work opening up in Diamond Edge, but the city was restricted. He knew he would have to get a reputation to get in. He went to known associates of some of the cities industrial starship fleet executives. They were a hired company of organized former space pirates. He performed about a years worth of illegal smuggling operations and human trafficking. Eventually, when he pressed for a pay raise or to advance and meet with the executives, the company gave an anonymous tip that had Xu arrested and blamed fully for all crimes he was involved with.
His punishment was life service in the Blackreach Penal Legion. For years he survived when all others had died by either horrible conditions, malnutrition, attempted desertion or by the actual battles they were sent to as cannon fodder. His amazing survival record led to an interest in him. To save money, the Blackreach government sold him and many of their other prized penal legion soldiers, to various nations that put in the highest bids.
Xu Chen was purchased by the Terran Alliance to make an attempt at making a HAVOC Marine out of him. While he would still serve for life, unless the government granted him pardon, he would still receive better care under their military. Xu was pleased by this transfer, but he was still not, and looked like he would never be, a free man.
He was killed in action on Alligita Prime under orders from the Terran Alliance to defend a BARN from Imperial Dravé soldiers. He was shot in the head with a Reaper Rifle.

Xu Chen

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