Remnants of a Slain God

Driven to the Depths

The party goes into a panic as Sarah Shorttail realizes time is short before the Chaos Demon baby is coming. Meanwhile, Mordrick very quickly ignores this fact and insists that Starlight and him have sex in one of Crackedclaws shacks. She reluctantly agrees and Mordrick later finds out later from Zip that he has caught an STD from this new body of hers. Sarah is checked up on by a persistent Zip and Taranath, but before progress can be made, Jakarus Crackedclaw receives a message that Conrad is sending in a different Saint to dispatch them: Braugh-Ghul, a Godshard infused warrior supposedly from Orcish folktales. While they quickly tend to their injured, Braugh-Ghul is dropped in by a shuttlecraft and proceeds to attack the party. Some were seriously injured, including Starlight, who joined in the fight. Sarah was also injured, losing her left leg after she joined in after receiving demonic voices telling her that all she needed was one more kill to deliver this child. The fight dragged on as it didn’t seem that they would be able to eliminate Braugh-Ghul even after the massive damage they inflicted on him. However, a machine gun burst from the barely conscious Jack Carter was able to finally put him down long enough for them to intiate the extraction ritual.
While Taranath performed a Gold Ink Magic ritual on Braugh-Ghul, Mordrick accidentally killed his beloved Starlight by trying to crudely attempting to revive her, leading to a final push on her bleedout. The godshard was removed from the still struggling orc, having the form taken as a glowing, still beating heart ripped from Braugh-Ghuls chest. While Mordrick pondered on attempting to take the godshard for himself, he decided it was best that it was shipped via drone to the promised recipient, Hank Wolfe. While as tempting as it was, the last thing he needed was another angry secret agency out for his head.
Conrad angrily messaged back, informing them that despite their best efforts, it was over. A Helixian bomber flew overhead out to their location, about to drop cluster bombs. They took some light injuries do to shrapnel, but were able to swiftly move down into the hangman mountain caves before they were completely wiped out. Luckily, Chauncey had thought to bring along Sarah and Richard, as they wouldn’t have made it otherwise. They ventured deep into the tunnels, trying to avoid possible cave ins from the bombing. They eventually found a tracing trail of Omnicrot that led deeper down. Out of curiousity and necessity, they ventured onward. They eventually met a giant female Crotalus named Mezsahk. After talking her out of eating some of the crew, she agrees to help get the party healed and fed until they can proceed, thanks to some helpful flirting by Jack.
The crew was able to get healed and even get a temporary omnicrotic prosthetic leg for Sarah made, after Jack engaged in some private “diplomatic relations” with Mezsahk. Shortly after the baby finally came. It appeared as a black sludge that oozed out of Sarah and formed a pitch black puddle. It reached a pair of bloodsoaked arms out and pulled its way into the realm. Its skin was as dark as the inside of a coffin on a moonless night, had seven glowing red eyes, four arms, two razorsharp fang filled maws and four batlike wings. It gave a bloodsoaked embrace to its “bloodmother” and “bloodfather”. Sarah decided on the name Kilden Pitch Black for the time being.
While they were careful to avoid the Subkhan that were warring with other crotalus, they took an alternate route that could have been more troublesome. They were quickly encountered by a pack of Nosferatu, but were not harmed since they were in the company of the Chaos demon. They instead greeted them in a kindly manner and guided them to the exit. Once in range, a message came online from Benjamin Foster. He was there with an Agency starship, ready to pick them up.

Desolation Days

Richard: Zip! I really need you to come plug this hole! I’m bleeding out real bad.."
Zip: Just because you have a hole doesn’t mean Zip is interested! honk Zip has standards too y’know.."

“Drink from my sack!” -Zip

The few survivors left from the fight with Salvation and Skullcrusher are left with heavy damage. Chauncey lay gasping for air, almost to the point of passing out, as Mordrick lay with Medigel slathered all over his gaping wounds to keep from bleeding out. Sarah Shorttail stood watch over them as he calmed herself from her frenzied blood rage, feeling the pulsing within from her Chaos Demon child.
Within minutes a strange Kobold wearing a backpack scampers in and begins to examine Mordrick. He awakens Mordrick, urging him to drink a strange liquid from his waterskin. He doesn’t like the taste of Hrougrufian Boar milk but eventually takes a drink. Along with that and some medigel, he is able to get up. Chauncey on the other hand, loves the milk and nearly drinks it all. The two scavengers who accompany the kobold don’t find much other than a screaming badgerlike Battle Suit, which happens to be Tanirah Vinrah, still somewhat alive within the machines neural processings.
The three introduce themselves as Zip, Richard Ray Gastley and Jack Carter. The scavengers can’t seem to salvage anything or properly repair the screaming Minatanu so they end up burying him in the sand with a tracking beacon. They promise to come get him later as they muffle his screams under the shifting sands. Soon they notice that their starship was blasted out of orbit by Belanor of Gabranth and Trench, aboard the Baraka. It turns out that Jakarus Crackedclaw was working with them and was to be after the crew.
Zip explains that they need to move quickly as his possible brothers, Zap and Zop are after him. He explains that he is of kobold royal bloodline, approximately 700th in line to the throne that nobody really cares about. The other two are after him because he left their slave trading business and that he also had sex with Zop’s sister. They begin to run but are quickly cut off by Zap and Zop. The two are riding atop Wargs and have a large hrougrufian boar with them. Avoiding conflict for once in his life, Mordrick hands over Zip to the slave traders as he yips, curses and honks his cries of vengeance one day.
They agree to take them to the nearest campsite and show them the way to the crashed starship to recover their allies. They make their way to a kobold nomadic camp with 55 kobolds, a Dwarf and a Subkhan. With some careful bartering, they are able to get some basic supplies to last them their journey, but only after Mordrick gets sent to quarantine from drinking a elven-unfriendly kobold beverage called Jirrhua. With some sneaking in the night, Sarah discovers the dwarf and subkhan are working with the slavers, Zap and Zop.
By morning, all but Carter are bound in handcuffs in their sleep. With some persuasive kobold choking, he persuades them to free the others. After that, a melee occurs in which the kobolds and subkhan are killed and the boar charges the tent they are inside. With Mordrick and Gastley wounded from the charge, they quickly escape from and defeat the wargs that follow. With a team effort, the giant boar goes down and the nomads stand in awe. They recruit 5 of the kobolds as guides before they go by the normal threatening and intimidating technique. Chauncey wishes in the back of his mind that Stagnant was still around to offer intimidation so that they would lead a small army of kobolds into battle. So adorable, so deadly.
After a march through a 2x gravity well, they exhaustedly reached the town of Ditch, which was being burned to the ground by Crackedclaw’s raiders. After many more days journey, being exhausted and thirsty, they reach Crackedclaw’s camp in the town of Heresy, where they are holding Taranath and a newly revived Starlight. Crackedclaw admires strength, and promises that if they win this fight, they will go free with their friends and even will receive a shuttlecraft to get them along. With some fancy diplomatic negotiating, they talk Crackedclaw into a fair fight, allowing them a days rest and a proper meal before battle. He agrees and they freshly fight a group of 3 Androids with Krak Missile launchers, 4 Vulk riflemen and a Varanid in Power Armor with a Plasma Pistol. With some heavy damage taken, but no deaths (except all of the nameless Kobolds that joined along), they win the fight. Even though Gastley accidentally missed his One Punch Knuckles punch and destroyed one of Crackedclaws walls, he still provides medical attention. As they are getting ready to leave with a new shuttlecraft, Sarah’s water suddenly breaks….
Stay tuned for the next episode where new mama Sarah and big daddy Taranath finally meet their murderous hellspawned baby!

Counting Corpses

“Stagnant, I need you to requisition order some tombstones for all our dead.. oh wait, shit. You’re dead.” -Mordrick

Mordrick and his crew crawled out of the bomb shelter to reveal the bombed out ruins of Talongrip Cove. Yonder attempted to leave the crew after losing his leg. Mordrick did not allow this and ended up having him shot and eventually eaten by Taranath, along with their mechanic Randy.

(Death counter: 2)

After getting a rest and food, they proceeded to find their ship. They found Conrad Reingard and a small group of radical Yong-Sei’koth with the ship. They Yong-Sei were loading it with fuel and kindling and Conrad spraypainted a message along the fuselage that simply asked," Gallows or Glory?". After he pleaded one last time for the crew to change their ways to avoid the inevitable judgement, they denied him again. He even threw Mordrick a scroll to unbind Mordrick from Taranath’s spell of service. Mordrick was able to activate this spell with the help of a distraction.

This distraction was pulled off by Sarah Shorttail pulling him behind a pile of rubble and giving into her feelings about Taranath. Taranath made a deal that he would have sex with her but only if he could bind a spell that would impregnate her with a Chaos Demon spawn. As she felt serious attracted to him and felt it would be beneficial for the entire crew, she accepted. Her strength would grow quickly and her violence would nurture this spawn of chaos inside her.
After being turned down, Conrad lit the fire and destroyed the ship, killing Stagnant, Manuel Automatic and the components for Sheldon who were tied up inside.

(Death Counter: 5)

He then left after sending Saint Axis into the fight, taking Cyx with him willingly. She approached with 2 ground/rock kinetics and 2 metal kinetics. The crew defeated the saint and her guards. They had proven themselves against the first but were informed that things were only going to get harder as the saints would now likely pair up. They were taken to an Agency outpost and given all the new weapon and supplies they asked for. Taranath informed the crew the likely location of the next saints: Desolation.
They reached a small town called Beggarsburg and met with Varanid gang leader Jakarus Crackedclaw. He informed that they had a holdout in the Hangman Mountains. In a large cave, they fought with the saints Salvation and Skullcrusher. After a long and hard fought battle that nearly ended the entire crew, they were victorious. However, Frexia and Tanirah Vinrah were both killed in the fight by Salvation.

(Death Counter: 7)

The Purge of Talongrip Cove

Mordrick and Stagnant were rushed to the Diamond Edge hospital. After a long night, the two were able to make a recovery. Mordrick chose the option of a 20,000 credit prosthetic that gave him full dexterity and feeling back. Stagnant had extensive intestinal and lung damage, but was fixed up to fighting shape again under his own expense.
The night before, Sarah had a terrible nightmare that depicted most of the crew dying. Mordrick was stabbed to death by a charred Starlight, Bubblegum was bleeding to death in the middle of the jungle insisting everything would be cleansed with fire, Foster was being eaten by Chauncey, Nosferatu were bursting out of Stagnant’s chest and Cyx just insisted she was overthinking things and snapped her to being awake.
On the way out of the hospital they were joined by Drealean and Tanirah Vinrah, who is going under the name Tanzeth to their knowledge. They immediately set out for Talongrip Cove which is the last known location of their last lead to the Saints, Taranath. They arrived to find the city quarantined by a vast Shattershield military operation. The specialist in charge, Caden Irsan, explained that the town had been overrun by nosferatu and was to be bombed from orbit to purge any nosferatu in the area. Caden and Mordrick had history together, and he reluctantly let him through with the condition that he was escorted by some of his men. Frexia and Yonder and a cab driver that drove them there, Manuel Automatic joined the team. Foster, however, could not join them, as The Agency needed him.
Stagnant was ordered to stay on the ship this time and the rest moved out into the town. After chasing a charred female figure through the streets for some time and having it turn to dust before their eyes, they eventually found Taranath. However, this was after they were attacked by a small Tetsai swarm. They gathered around the combination Gold Ink Magic and Blood Magic spell that Taranath was forming. This ended up killing the majority of the attacking Nosferatu with a fiery vortex. The remaining Nosferatu and Tetsai were fought off with some difficulty and some damage taken by multiple members, such as Yonder losing a leg. Chauncey had the worst of it, as he was bitten by a spellridden nosferatu and then almost piloted by a tetsai that entered the wound. Chauncey would eventually begin to lose control and start to turn hostile because of the spell. They were able to find the bomb shelter with only a few minutes to spare, but a choice had to be made. Would they risk it and find the spell circle to save Chauncey or would they have him turn? Tanirah, Chauncey and Bubblegum all went out to find it. After Bubblegum found and wiped it out, he revealed himself to be Conrad. He then left with a mysterious band of Yong-Sei’koth. Chauncey and Tanirah returned with news on the events just before the bombs went off. They were rattled and the shelter partly gave away, but they survived. They crawled out to reveal the flattened desolation of what remained.

Rendezvous at the Helix Embassy

After the party learns about the rendezvous, they head to the appointed place: The city of Diamond Edge on Blackreach. Along the way, Sarah Shorttail and Cyx are released from the brig. They go on to have a drinking contest to which ends in a draw between Cyx, Foster and Bubblegum. Most of the time there Captain Mordrick is mourning the loss of Starlight.

When they finally reach the planet they are stopped at the black gates by Dar’Ghett and Cataclysm. Stagnant manages to anger and intimidate Cataclysm, who apparently has a personal vendetta with him, but not Dar’Ghett. Dar’Ghett simply casually reads his trashy book as the party comes up with a plan, not giving a single fuck.
When Mordrick finally convinces him that they have a meeting with Conrad Reingard, they eventually strike a bargain and are let through. After a lot of exploring through the city and purchasing and upgrading equipment, they finally find the Helixian Embassy at the top of a grassy hill in a walled castle. Cyx has morphed to the appearance and got a clothing match for Dar’Ghett. However, when they reach the gates, they have found that Dar’Ghett and Cataclysm have switched to the new posts.
After more bargaining with the guards, eventually Dar’Ghett realizes the striking similarities between him and Cyx. Instead of calling bullshit, he simply compliments him on his looks and passes them through, as obviously he thinks they are being monitored by another member of security.
When they arrive inside the castle, they are greeted by Conrad in the throne room. He has been expecting them and has laid out a feast in their honor. After every spends some time eating, drinking and small talking, Conrad reveals that he wants a trade. He will trade large amounts of credits and a halt on attacks if they turn over Foster and Bubblegum. Needless to say, the crew turns down the offer. Conrad is displeased and leaves the room as he says that section of bargaining is over. They are almost immediately attacked by an Orc five man firing squad.

During the battle, Bubblegum sustains minor damage and Stagnant is shot twice through the chest, but continues staggering on to finish the fight. Mordrick wanted to help stop the bleeding and applied the gunpowder trick which then sent Stagnant unconscious. Chauncey carried him on as they party progressed. They attempted to track Conrad down in the castle as the alarm sirens blared, but with no luck. The orcs were closing in. Mordrick called on Cataclysm, who he had gotten his number from with some saucy flirting.
Both him and Dar’Ghett arrived, not knowing it was them that were the intruders, helped them out, but first priority was to find Conrad and secure him. They led the party through many secret passages into a deep escape tunnel that went very far down. When they reached a seven pronged fork, the two revealed that they were playing dumb and knew all about the party. They offered to kill them now, or wait for a bargain to be struck with Conrad.
They party chose to fight them then, when Mordrick tried to sneak attack Cataclysm. This did not end well for Mordrick as he soon learned with a counterstrike to the face that Cataclysm was a hand to hand specialist. Mordrick offered a one-on-one fight and this was accepted. Mordrick, while managing to slice an arm off of the enemy, left a free hand with a set of One Punch Knuckles open for a hit. The resulting blast blew apart Mordrick’s leg below the knee. Cataclysm went in for the kill, but was knocked out a swift kick from Chauncey. Then Stagnant staggered back to his feet, grabbed his shotgun and finished the job, killing Cataclysm.
Dar’Ghett attempted to avenge his friend but was cut down by Bubblegum and Foster, using heavy weapons to quickly penetrate the armored foe.

They then split into pairs, searching the tunnels. When a strange electrical surge fluctuated, all their lights and electrical equipment failed for a few seconds. During that darkness, echoing sounds of a skirmish was heard by all. However, no body was seen. Suspicion that Conrad was among them was high, but as they interrogated and checked each other, all seemed to check out. They decided this could be a trick and left the tunnels. When they returned, the embassy was back to normal as if nothing had happened.

Then even an even stranger event happened. Mordrick and Sarah witnessed a burned Starlight standing at the window, motioning them to be silent, before disappearing. Upon seeing this, combined with his injury, Mordrick finally collapses and is rushed to the hospital.

Raid of the Weary Wanderer Inn

The survivors begin to search the body of the boarders. Stagnant is able to provide some illegal software that allows them to loot the credit of the enemy’s Credit Counters. In one of the Orc’s Cdev, they find a note that reads:

You’ve received your down payment for the job. Remember there’s 10,000 credits for you if you bring Foster back alive. If you can’t, don’t worry about it. There’s still some money in it for you. Leave no other survivors. A cleanup crew will follow shortly after you message them with your cdev. –Conrad

“Bubblegum” identified the sender to be Conrad Reingard, the Helixian Ambassador to the Wayward Dominion and diplomat. They decided since there was no contact for the cleanup crew, more would come looking for them. They needed to hide. Mordrick ordered they lay low and restock at the Weary Wanderer Inn. They had a short vacation in hiding, getting discounted requisition orders from Stagnant delivered to them. New items included: Mordrick’s new Taoto Longrifle, Chauncey‘s Chainsword and shield, Cyx’s grenade casings and lab items, and Sarah‘s metal claw extensions. Mordrick even fell head over heels for an elven working girl he found aboard the station. Her name was Starlight and she was convinced to join the crew by Mordrick, hoping to use her for her magic infused archery skills. However, they were soon found out by Conrad’s forces.
The assault began with two Halflings with decoy backpacks of party materials that were searched by the crew. The following two, however, were not, which carried explosives. They opened up a large hole in the wall, allowing forces to flank the defending party.
From out of the docks, Dravé approached and opened fire. Only Stagnant took damage, but was seriously injured with assault rifle rounds piercing his chest. The dravé were defeated fairly easily mostly by Cyx’s flammable acidic chemical concoction and Chauncey’s and Sarah’s melee attacks. The real trouble began when two small young Dragons with mounted machine guns and orc riders. They attempt to flank the party but are met with a quick resistance. On the right side, Foster takes out a dragon nearly by himself with his Tankhammer landing a direct blow to the top of its skull. The Orc is made quick work of by Bubblegum. The other caused more problems which sent Cyx hiding in terror for part of the fight.
Chauncey and melee tangled in melee range with the dragon. Chauncey was burned through the encounter, but not scarred for life or anything. With massive fire by the entire party and a final blow with Chauncey’s chainsword that eviscerated the dragon, it was defeated. Mordrick had had quite enough for one day and urged everyone to continue on to the ship, ignoring the Zelford that stood in his way. Due to his neglect of them, a Volcanyan Zelford incinerated Starlight with a massive burst of fire.
Mordrick was enraged and encouraged retaliation that was blocked by an ice shield, put up by a Raindown Zelford. Chauncey was finally knocked unconscious by electrically charged kick from a lightning Zelford. However, outnumbered, the party made quick work of them. When all seemed calm, everyone had realized that Sarah had not left her berserker mode. She continued to fight for quite some time, taking shots at the party. During this, Cyx had left to steal massive quantities of alcohol from the station while everyone was distracted. When Sarah was finally restrained, Mordrick, in a fit of agitation and impatience, ordered both Cyx and Sarah to remain in the brig until further notice. They found another message that told the assault team to rendezvous for their pay at the Helix Embassy on Blackreach. They had their lead and it was finally time to confront Conrad.

The Traitor's Mark

The campaign begins in Talongrip Cove, a filthy crime infested port town on Blackreach. Though the streets are literally and metaphorically dirty, that’s where the jobs are for freelance mercenaries, pirates and privateers.
The privateer captain Mordrick waits outside his ship, the Traitor’s Mark, for those who had signed up to join and those who would wander in to join his crew. He simply dumps wheelbarrows full of looted treasure onto the dirty streets to pawn off to the vendors nearby. First to join is a Dravé, wearing fine silken cerulean robes covered with a tactical vest. He smiles and greets himself like a gentleman as Stagnant. Mordrick is not impressed with what he thinks is another dime-a-dozen dravé mercenary and talks to him as such. Stagnant responds with stealing a handful of loot, feeling he is owed reparations over the insult and can now move on.
Then came Cyx, a Shifter Changeling brewer and chemist, and Sarah Shorttail, a shy Melian fighter with a serious temper. They hesitantly signed up for work after hearing promises of large payoffs. Then the kind but simpleminded Giant, Chauncey, joined soon after.
After departing, Mordrick contacted the privateer taskmaster, Bartholomew Crypt via the Holo-Comm. He was tasked with finding and retrieving Benjamin Foster, the exiled former leader of the Redd Republic, to be tried for his crimes against the people who now made up Blackreach. He was supposedly aboard a small cargo freighter called the High Hopes.
After obtaining all the items they needed in port and through Stagnant’s connections to Baron Ballistics Corporation, including a small chemistry setup and brewers equipment and weapons, they set off. The speedy Traitor’s Mark quickly caught up to the High Hopes and Mordrick announced their intention to board over the Holo-comm. On the other end was a severely unimpressed human in pink and black combat armor, Jack “Bubblegum” Valestine. He neither gave any information about Foster or stopped. Mordrick prepared to open fire and still nothing. When he did let loose a few shots with the lascannons, most of the damage was spread away with the energy shielding. However, it did get the High Hopes to extend a bridge and dock with them.
5 well armed men, Bubblegum and a grizzled looking Benjamin Foster in handcuffs came over. Instead of a firefight, they cracked open more than a few beers and began to talk it out at the dining quarters. Bubblegum explained that he couldn’t simply hand over Foster, as he was an agent of the Bannerless Agency or more often just known as The Agency.
Upon hearing this, Mordrick decided to abandon his current mission and take up their offer of double the money to escort them to an agency outpost. He brought back Crypt on the holo projector and told him to fuck off before their ship was attacked by enemy forces.
Two small pirate style boarding craft crashed into the hull and cut their way in. Out of the craft poured changelings, a few tetsai and some orcs, determined to kill everyone. Enemy smoke grenades obscured everything, making it difficult to find and identify the enemy. When the smoke had cleared, all five of security crew from High Hopes was dead. Then the acidspitter changelings arrived, one from each ship, Large monstrous insectoids with naturally formed guns that shot highly concentrated. Foster was released from his handcuffs and quickly retrieved his Power Armor and Tankhammer to aid in the fight. The party fought hard and eventually defeated the acidspitters.
They were left with a pile of corpses and a lot of questions at the end of this session.


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