Terran Alliance

Majority Species:
Human, Taoto, Swidek, Melian, Vulk
Capitol World: Longbridge
Government Type: Democratic Republic

After the Taoto, Meek, and Swidek territories were invaded by the Vulk, they decided to band together to defeat this threat. After the humans were united and brought into this agreement, the official alliance was formed. After defeating the Vulk empire, the Meek dropped out to form their own faction, but the others would remain united as a bastion of strength to keep the peace and security against other threatening factions. Eventually the Melians joined in this alliance after nearly a decade of being scattered refugees in Alliance territory, and then successfully organized a crusade to retake their homeworld from demonic legion. The Vulk joined shortly after to help strengthen, revitalize, and repopulate their now nearly eradicated species.

Wayward Dominion

Majority Species:
Elf, Ramalac, Skykhan, Golem, Fasarsan
Capitol World: Capria
Government Type: Theocratic Oligarchy

The Wayward dominion was formed by the now extinct Subkhan species after they discovered a lost ancient city that held detailed manuscripts of magic and the true gods. These manuscripts created an enlightened elite religious sect known as the “Wayward”. Their influence would eventually envelope all of Capria and go on to many worlds as they attempted to convert others to their faith.

Their urgency to convert others is caused by the manuscripts telling of the coming age of demons. Uniting under their faith, gaining favor with the faithful gods, and hastening the return of a new Architect is seen as the only way of not being utterly destroyed by the demons.However, to nonbelievers, they are often only seen as reckless zealots that would rather convert by the sword. Not that this isn’t entirely untrue for many of them, especially within the numerous paladin divisions.

Their government is ruled by 5 high priests, one for each of the ruling species. One of the more controversial laws enforced by the wayward priests is the “holy technology decree”. This dictates that technology too complex, and especially things being mass produced, is an offense to the Architect’s intended way for them to live, and thus are banned. All creation must be artfully and individually crafted and magic is a gift meant to be used in its place. Magic is thought to be a cleaner, more efficient, more holy solution to achieving wonders of civilization and strength enough to save their gods creations.

While magic is often only seldom seen in person outside of this dominion, within its borders, magic is literally the everyday mundane. Most Wayward children often know a few spells before they reach maturity. They use magic to cook, clean, travel, fight, craft, and anything else that would be done with technology in a high tech society. Capria’s forests and highlands are also protected and one of the only known places where naturally magical materials can be found. No one can agree on why this is, although countless legends and myths are passed down through each household explaining this, and countless other things.

Blackland Federation

Majority Species:
Ogre, Varanid, Glanto, Yeti, Troll
Capitol World: Forge (formerly known as Blackreach)
Government Type: Military Dictatorship

Elyon Empire

Majority Species:
Dravé, Zelford, Caligoss, Changeling
Capitol World: Elyon
Government Type: Absolute Monarchy

Graoic Coalition

Majority Species:
Grukk, Orc, Stikini, Arkiner, Quarrix
Capitol World: None
Type: Insurgent Army

Astral Assembly

Majority Species:
Meek, Dwarf, Bokh, Halfling, Xytan
Capitol Space Station: The Crux
Government Type: Plutocratic Federation

Draconic Kingdoms

Majority Species:
Dragon, Dragonkin, Ijari, Panigrex, Jedéva
Capitol World: Rinnuco
Government Type: Confederation of Autocratic Nations

Demonic Legion

Majority Species:
Imblican, Revenant, Succubus, Nosferatu, Ravilon
Dimensional Territories: Ravil, Vixis, Trima, The Dreaming Abyss
Government Type: Feudalist Meritocracy


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