Attribute & Skill Modifiers
Fitness Dexterity Charisma Knowledge Intelligence
+3 +2 - - -
Strength Melee Bluff Culture Intuition
+2 - - - -
Speed Accuracy Captivation Science Willpower
- - - - -
Health Agility Intimidation Mechanics Perception
- - +3 - -
Stamina Sneak Persuasion Software Animal Handling
+1 - - - -
Toughness Drive Trade Spellcraft Psionics
+2 - - - -

Basic Traits

Type Size Modified Senses Languages Resistances Weaknesses
Demon Humanoid Large (+1) Dark Vision Common, Demonic Staggering (Immunity), Stunning (Immunity),
Fear (Immunity), Pain (Immunity)
Divine (1.5x damage)

Species Abilities

Take these automatically.
Dormancy (secondary action: Style) You may enter a deep hibernative state of suspended animation. Your body ceases aging, and you do not need to eat, drink or breathe while in this state. You may not move or even think in this state. If you take damage, reach a set time you have designated, or receive a trigger of your choice, you will automatically awaken from this state.
Claws & Jaws Add your melee skill in damage to unarmed attacks using any of these body parts and can change damage type to slashing or piercing.
Nightmare Fuel (Passive action: Fear Buff; Cost: 2 stamina) Force an intimidation vs willpower contest against a victim of your choice. If you win this contest, gain a temporary buff to a skill of your choice (aside from intimidation) equal to your margin of victory until the beginning of your next turn.

Species Exclusive Perks


Body Description
Nosferatu are pale macabre humanoids. Their skins are a pale white or grey color, but are often dirty and bloodstained. They have a talon-like claws on the end of hands. When in pursuit of prey, their chests appear to be repeatedly spasming from the rapid breathing. They are often extremely gaunt but are otherwise very muscular and are often covered in scars. Their eyeballs are usually pitch black, blood red or pure white. They often have long black hair that is patchy due to being torn out or the scalp being shredded.
Average Height
2-2.3 meters
Average Weight
100-120 kg
Average Lifespan
Unknown do to dormancy habits


Home world
Trima, the hell of flesh and blood
Demonic Legion
Favored Religions
Trima, god of consumption, brutality, and sacrilege
Karneth, god of war, destruction, and fear
Yong-sei, goddess of death, undeath, and decay
Common Names
Grkrra, K’thar, B’ulneth, Hrinrai, Durthek
Common Characteristics
Brutal, Callous, Competitive, Obsessive, Reckless, Relentless
Common Occupations

Cultural Aptitude

Main Allies Main Enemies
- -
Population Size Magic
Average Excellent
Melee Combat Ranged Combat
Excellent Average
Diplomacy Wealth
Abysmal Abysmal
Technology Space-faring
Abysmal Below Average


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