Attribute & Skill Modifiers
Fitness Dexterity Charisma Knowledge Intelligence
+4 +1 -1 -1 +1
Strength Melee Bluff Culture Intuition
+1 +3 - - -
Speed Accuracy Captivation Science Willpower
- +1 - - -
Health Agility Intimidation Hardware Perception
+3 - +2 - -
Stamina Sneak Persuasion Software Animal Handling
+1 - - - -
Toughness Drive Trade Spellcraft Psionics
+1 - - - -

Basic Traits

Type Size Modified Senses Languages Resistances Weaknesses
Fungal Plant Humanoid Large, +1 Darkvision Common, Orcish Bleedout (Immunity), Fear (Immunity), Seduction (Immunity) Fire (1.5x damage)

Species Abilities

Take these automatically.
Reattachable Body Parts If any body parts are severed, it can be reattached and functional as a secondary action.
Orcish Regeneration (Optional Passive action: Heal; Cost: 1 stamina) You regain HP equal to your health skill. At full health, you may regrow a lost limb or appendage in 24 hours.

Species Exclusive Perks

Unyielding You are immune to unconsciousness unless by your own choice or normal lack of sleep. You have advantage to resist pain and death.
Greenskin Ingenuity When making a Kno based skill roll, gain a bonus equal to your intuition skill but raise your critical failure rate by +4 when making Kno based rolls. (Normally setting your critical failure rate at a 1-5.)
Orcish Combat Mastery You gain a permanent +1 to all defensive actions, attack rolls, damage rolls and grapple contests. You may only take this once every 5 levels.


Body Description
Orcs are large ,muscular, green skinned humanoids. While like an intelligent species or animal in appearance, they are closely related to fungi genetically as they grow rapidly and produce spores to multiply. Their bodies are extremely strong and durable, and have an amazing regenerative rate, allowing them to live through even the deadliest of combat if not killed immediately. They often have underbites filled with jagged teeth and a set of tusklike teeth. While large, they often have a squatty, poor posture which makes them appear shorter.
Average Height
2-2.5 meters
Average Weight
110-160 kg
Average Lifespan
25-50 years


Mostly Tribalal or Gangs, but a large portion ally with the Great Swarm
Generally follow religions devoted to death, power, abundance, war, magic and chaos.
Common Names
Unisex: Skargut, Dakka, Skablast, Morshank
Common Characteristics
Competitive, short-tempered, eccentric, physical, crude
Common Occupatiuons

Cultural Aptitude

Main Allies Main Enemies
- -
Population Size Magic
Excellent Below Average
Melee Combat Ranged Combat
Excellent Average
Diplomacy Wealth
Abysmal Poor
Technology Space-faring
Below Average Poor


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