The first Hell, Ravil, was created as the primary stronghold for the rebellion against the Architect. It served as a model and standard to which all other hells are compared, and became home to the first species of demonspawn designed by the demonic gods: the Ravilon. Even the most hardened agents and gods of the Architect hesitated to approach Ravil, an inhospitable place devoid of the remaining light of the Primordial Fire. Even the outer rim of the dimension, which all who enter must travel through, is countless miles of eternally burning demonic fire. Very specific and powerful magic or demonic abilities are required to survive the entry into it. However, the Ravilon thrived there and grew strong.

Hardly any light shines anywhere in Ravil. It only naturally comes from the flaming meteors that shower and barrage the realm constantly, and deposits of hellstone, which burn nonstop. The top layer of ground is mostly a mixture of powdery black sand and mud, riddled with razorsharp glass fragments. The air is mixed with a black noxious overpowering smoke, said to smell similar to tar. Collosal mountain ranges, caverns, and volcanoes made of dark green glass and hellstone rise and fall from the muddy soil and cut through the landscape. Combined with the meteor strikes, broken glass and/or flaming stone avalanches are a constant threat in the numerous narrow canyons throughout.

Though the conditions are harsh, the Ravilon have built palaces, monuments, fortresses and cities here. Unlike some demons, they still require food and moisture. This is acquired by digging tunnels where they hunt for the creatures the live in the soil. These tunnels are often branched out from their demon iron mining networks. Sluglike creatures covered in an acidic mucus, called Nybs, are one creature that borrows through and eats the soil, are standard cuisine and a rough equivalent to chicken in their society. Ravilon even breed and farm nybs, creating even more genetic varieties of them than humans have created of dogs.

Its captiol city is Godspite, a sprawling fortified complex of castles and cityscape made mostly out of just stone, hellstone, demon iron, and glass, handcrafted with beautiful designs by the millions of the enslaved captured during their raids against the creations of the architect. The soil has been fertilized and grown rich from the tremendous volume of corpses those workers that have accumuled there. This soil allows for twisted vibrant plantlife to thrive and grow throughout the castles and city streets. Those from the outside realms who have returned alive from the city said, despite the horrid smell of the dead and foreboding fortifications, few cities match its beauty.
While viewed as lawless savages from outsiders, inside Ravil, the Ravilon, and those who live among them, are actually far more consistently to upholding their codes of honor and virtues than most outside of the Hells. Their society is a feudal system, ranked from royals at the top, to lords, military, tradesmen, and slaves in that order. Though there are defined ways to rise and fall, based on individual merit, not title or favor, in this government. For example, the best slaves might be able to earn their rights and become tradesmen if they prove valuable. Those below military can climb up into and through ranks if they survive starting as more expendable and less experienced shock troops. Their meritocracy is harsh, but fair, and no privilege is accounted from family relations. The offspring of a king could prove only of worth as a tradesman or slave, or a lowly tradesman or slave could be seen as having potential and groomed to possibly become a royal.

Miltary is ranked by the hell knights at the top, then raiders, enforcers, and shock troops. Though they have found ways to mimic most basic materials with the what little they have in their barren dimension, raiders are vital for supplying the rest. Raiders are expected to relinquish most of what they loot, and it is often at this rank that determines those with corrupt morals. The enforcers are more than happy to expose raiders or any other high ranking individual who would not follow the laws, as it helps them promote faster. However, laws against enforcers are harsh and most wouldnt dare to fabricate evidence for rightful fear they might get permanently demoted to shock troop or slave rank.

Outsiders in Ravil are not uncommon, but gaining citizenship often means starting out as a slave unless granted a slightly higher rank by a lord or royal. The ravilon are upfront and vocal of their hatred and against non-demons, but this hardly ever stops them from being honorable and giving them the same rights and chances as any other of their rank. Though your rights as an outsider often do you little good if don’t make enough friends and get butchered. Enforcers are an exception to the Ravilons normal fairness and arent expected to do much in the ways of protecting non-demons.

The Ravilons psionic potential and disciplined organization and tactics make them exceptional at organizing raid and warfare tactics against non-demons. Lords are expected to be exceptional psions and are trained to open the sudden warpgates that the species is known for. This ability makes ravilons an invaluable ally to all other demon races, as it can make their armies appear and disappear nearly anywhere with no warning or trace. Other demons have their own ways of opening dimensional portals, but none have a mastery on par with the ravilon.


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