These are times when knowledge of the workings and identities of the ancient Deities are better understood than ever. Religion is mostly an expression of what specific deity or deities of the vast pantheon you might dedicate yourself too, if any. Although many species and individuals might worry very little about faith, it is still a vital part of many lives. While morality among deities are extremely controversial and there are almost always exceptions, they are often divided into three levels: Benevolent, Neutral, and Malevolent. Their listed morality gives guidelines for the player and GM on how a player dedicated to a specific deity should act. If they choose to ignore that morality, the GM will decide the consequences in response. For example, an out of line priest might have added difficulty or even be completely cut off from accessing the divine powers of their deity until they atone. While the deities can take away, they can also give blessings to their faithful. Each deity has a list of three aspects of their identity that they often give as blessings to those devout and worthy enough.

Divine Realms Deities Miracles

List of known hells and other divine realms

Hells Heavens Other
Ravil Palace of Light The Void
Trima Elysian Ocean Spirit Realm
Vixis Farewell Station
The Dreaming Abyss

Below the list of deities is the list of miracles that can be performed by priests and other classes


The Architect
Neutral God of Creation, Magic and Dominion
Holy Symbol: Brass Archway
The Architect is perhaps the oldest known god, the creator of most existing gods, and designer of nearly all aspects of the known multiverse. It is said that all of creation descended from himself or his designs, the gods and the Djinn. He shared magic to his faithful, which revealed powerful hidden controls of his universal mechanics. In time, he was killed by the very gods he created. Despite being long dead, his followers, divine power, and dominion still permeates the multiverse. Even after his death, he has more devout followers than any other gods, especially among the Wayward Dominion.
Blessing of Creation: Gain an advantage and add a bonus equal to 1/3 of your culture skill to all crafting and conjuration related rolls and numbered ability aspects.
Blessing of Magic: Gain a permanent bonus to all spellcraft rolls and numbered ability aspects equal to 1/2 your culture skill. Three times per encounter, gain an advantage to a spellcraft related roll of your choice.
Blessing of Dominion: Gain the Word of God , Fear of God , Bless or Get Thee Hence Miracle. You may perform a bonus command action each turn.
Incarnative Mutations:
Hand of the Architect: (Secondary action: Divine Crafting Conjuration; Once per turn; X stamina) Your hands and forearms glow with bright celestial light. Choose a crafting related class ability. You instantaneously perform this action, regardless of time or action required, and conjure this item, structure, etc within an unoccupied space within line of sight. This ability costs 1 stamina if the chosen ability was a secondary action or primary action, and stamina points equal to 2 per hour if it requires time instead of actions.
Voice of God: (Secondary action: Divine Focus) Gain a bonus to all command or bardic magic related ability aspects or rolls (except critical rates) equal to half your culture or captivation skill. You can also ignore the silenced condition unless inflicted by a divine ability, in which case the GM should enforce a contest roll to make an attempt to ignore it.
Runic Cascade: Your body becomes a magical conduit and glowing runic symbols course across your skin. If you do not have the mage culture species trait or magery perk, they temporarily gain one of these until the mutation wears off. Each turn, you choose to perform one spell of your choice as a free action or negate the stamina cost of one spell you cast this turn.
The Astral Dragon
Neutral Goddess of Judgement, Wisdom and Power
Holy symbol: Silver scales
The Astral Dragon is widely considered the second oldest god and the first living creation of the Architect. The extraordinary power, wisdom and judgement of the astral dragon made her the perfect partner to the Architect. Though she is widely perceived as surpassing her creator in these aspects. In fact, she had foretold him of the inevitability of the demonic uprising, though he did not heed her warnings. Only she, Cavald, and the Architect were ever able to manipulate the primordial flame to create gods. Some believe she is capable of mentoring Cavald into a new wiser Architect, reigniting the primordial flame, extinguishing the demons once and for all, claiming dominion over creation.
Blessing of Judgement: Gain the Divine Contract or Truth miracle. Gain a permanent bonus to your intuition skill equal to 1/2 your culture skill. Gain an advantage to intuition rolls.
Blessing of Power: Gain the Shatter, Earthquake, Wrath of God or Smite miracle. Gain a permanent bonus to your strength and toughness related skills equal to 1/3 of your culture skill.
Blessing of Wisdom: Gain the Words of Wisdom or Communion miracle. Once per round, gain a temporary bonus to a Kno, Int or Cha related roll of your choice equal to 1/2 of your culture skill.
Incarnative Mutations:
Astral Wings & Claws: You temporarily gain a large pair of cosmic patterned dragon wings and claws. Gain divine flight with acceleration equal to twice your speed skill and a max speed equal to 15x your speed skill until the end of the encounter. When making an unarmed melee strike, change your damage type to slashing or piercing and deal an additional 50% damage with the divine damage type.
Primordial Breath: (Secondary action: Divine Spray; 3 stamina) You spew a prismatic fire-like breath onto your victim, Choose a target within 3x your culture skill in meters. On a hit, this target and any targets of your choice within a 1 meter radius take divine damage equal to your culture skill.
Eyes of Judgement: You temporarily gain a pair of glowing draconic eyes. You gain a temporary bonus to intimidation, perception, intuition equal to half your culture skill. You also temporarily gain dark and hyperspectral vision.
Malevolent Demonic God of War, Destruction and Fear
Holy symbol: Bloody skull with crossed spears
Karneth is infamous for leading the war against, and ultimately killing, the Architect. His unbridled rage, incredible strength, and strategy cause even the gods to fear him. The other gods attempt to keep a loose alliance with, and appease Karneth often. His innumerable collection of treasures and offerings are considered a small price to pay, as there has been no force in existence yet to confront him that he could not destroy. He often gives these gifts to his wife, Rogia, the Goddess of excess, wealth, and pleasure. Currently, he been carefully waging intermittent wars against the Astral Dragon, who has become his fiercest rival.
Blessing of Destruction: Gain the Wrath of God, Plague, Hellfire or Fire & Brimstone miracle. Increase all damage you cause by 30%.
Blessing of Fear: Gain advantage to all intimidation related rolls. Gain the Divine Darkness, Swarm of Insects, or Fear of God miracle, or become immune to fear.
Blessing of War: Gain a bonus to all hit, damage and defense rolls equal to 1/4 your culture skill. Gain the Smite, Crucify, Stonewall or Divine Shield miracle.
Incarnative Mutations:
War Tempered Body: Your skin temporarily begins to turn black as coal and heavily scarred. Reduce all non-divine or affliction damage you take by 1/2 your toughness skill (before DR) or by 30% (before DR). Use whichever gives you the better result. While in this form, gain a bonus to fear contests equal to 1/2 your toughness skill.
War god’s Strength: Your muscles temporarily grow extremely dense and powerful. Temporarily increase your strength skill by +10 or multiply it x2 (whichever gives you a higher result.)
Apocolyptic Aura: You temporarily exude a fiery aura of destruction with a radius equal to your culture or health skill in meters. Light around you becomes smokey, dimmed, and hazy in your presence, only lit by the fires which begins to engulf everything around you . Increase all damage inflicted by yourself and allies within your aura by 20%. Any non-ally target (and their possessions) catch fire, dealing divine heat damage equal to your intuition or culture skill immediately when first entering the aura and at the end of each of their turns while still in the aura.
Malevolent Demonic Goddess of Death, Decay and Undeath
Holy Symbol: White Hourglass
Yong-Sei was the middle child in what is known as the trinity sisters. The trinity sisters kept the cycle of life, death, and rebirth until the demonic uprising. Yong-Sei murdered her youngest sister, Edra, the goddess of resurrection in order to break this cycle and shift power in her favor. With the dead no longer being restored, she created her own bastardized version of resurrection: undeath. While the bodies would rise again, they lacked life, renewal from death’s decay, and often a soul. She would gain power, but still cannot quite yet overcome her eldest sister, Yalamuri, goddess of life. Though her ranks of the dead grow stronger and more numerous each passing hour and with each new life that enters the universe. She patiently waits for her inevitable rule.
Blessing of Death: Gain the Death Touch or Aura of Death miracle. Gain advantage to death saving throws, and your enemies suffer a disadvantage to death saving throws. Deal +60% bonus damage when you or a targeted enemy is dying (at or below zero HP).
Blessing of Undeath: Gain the undead species type, or +15 HP if you have it already. Gain your choice of a free undead species perk or the Raise Dead miracle.
Blessing of Decay: Gain the degenerate, or plague miracle. On a touch, or after a successfully hit attack action, you may reduce that targets stamina points and HP by 1d8, or inflict acid affliction damage to that target equal to 1/3 your culture skill at the beginning of each turn for 1d4+1 turns.
Incarnative Mutations:
Caustic Wake:
Reaper Transformation: (Divine Shapeshift) Your body briefly transforms into a powerful Reaper form. While powerful, it takes a heavy toll of your body and brings you closer to death with every moment you stay in that form. It is a secondary action to take this form, and a free action to end your reaper form. At the end of each round you used the reaper form, take affliction damage equal to 1/3 your max HP (in your regular form). This damage cannot be healed until you exit your reaper form. While in reaper form, gain a temporary bonus to all Fitness, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Knowledge skills equal to 2d4+ 1/3 your culture skill.
Hands of the Returned: Your hands violently shed all skin and muscle tissue, leaving bare, clean bone, but retaining full function. If you touch a dead target with your hands, that target becomes a zombie or skeleton (GM discretion) for 2d4 rounds/minutes under your control.
Benevolent Goddess of Life, Nature and the Wild
Holy Symbol: White & Green Tree and/or Black Ivy
Yalamuri is the eldest of the trinity sisters, which once held the cycle of existence: life, death, and renewal. After Edra (goddess of renewal and souls) was murdered by Yong-sei (goddess of death and decay), that cycle was broken. To keep order and save the souls of the fallen, she took up Edra’s responsibilities in the best way she could. She had no realm to safeguard them from Yong-sei and other demonic gods, so instead hid them in the wild places of nature. While these nature spirits are relatively safe there, they do occasionally cause problems to those who venture into the wilds. Yalamuri is in a constant battle against Yong-sei to keep the undead in check, and to prevent her monstrous outbreaks of sickness and disease. She responded by teaching her followers to spread divine and magic wellsprings of life energy. Alivra’s followers are closely allied with Yalamuri and her followers, and often make pilgrimages to these wellsprings to boost their healing abilities and cure those who are afflicted.
Blessing of Life:
Blessing of Nature:
Blessing of the Wild:
Neutral God of Luck, Competition, and Entertainment
Holy Symbol: 20 sided die
While Pohedron is the expected favored god for athletes, gamblers, gamers, and entertainers, he is often turned to when a bit of luck or a competitive edge is wanted. Many have said they have witnessed the god when receiving his blessings, and that he often appears as an extra unknown player, audience member, competitor, etc in disguise, and then vanishes without a trace soon after. While both sides of the djinn-demon war would love to bring his reality warping luck to their side, this is also what keeps him safe and practically untouchable. He is an incredibly powerful deity, capable of besting most gods if competing, but never really uses this potential for anything other than “keeping things interesting”. He views all of life and creation as a fleeting entertaining pleasure to distract from the monotony and lifelessness of the eternal void. So it comes as no surprise that he constantly meddles, with no purpose other than to stir up a story, either for good or bad. Most major turning points in history that are accounted by happening by sheer luck are considered no coincidence by his followers.
Blessing of Luck:
Blessing of Entertainment:
Blessing of Competition:
The Grand Master
Benevolent Digital God of Machines, Unity and Knowledge
Holy Symbol: Blue Gear
The Grand Master is an artificial being, created by the Taoto, that is thought to have ascended to godhood. It is a vast collective of all the souls and digitally converted minds of all Taoto that have passed on. It was created as a solution to who would be the wisest choice to guide and lead the species, as their could be no wiser among them. As entire worlds were eventually dedicated to powering the entity, it decided that this was impractical and must transcend physical form, and did exactly that. All the machinery built to sustain it seemed to draw together and disappear from the dimension. While it has no definite form in the architect’s dimension, it often communicates through electronics and occasionally in visions. In this way it still guides the species, but also has extended in helping those outside of the species who devote themselves. Followers of the grand master are required to become scholars and seek out knowledge wherever they can, and use this to bring unite and stabilize troubles wherever their pilgrimages should take them.
Blessing of Knowledge:
Blessing of Machines:
Blessing of Unity:
Neutral Demonic God of Evolution, Change and Progress.
Holy Symbol: Dragonfly
Blessing of Evolution:
Blessing of Change:
Blessing of Progress:
Benevolent God of Fire, Light and Civilization
Holy Symbol: Fiery Sun Surrounding a Primitive or Simple Tool in the Center
(Usually a hammer, axe, spear, etc, but sometimes things like gears)
Blessing of Light: All light and heat beam sources or abilities you control have advantage to all rolls. Any illuminating items or abilities you control have 5x their normal radius or distance. Gain the Let There Be Light or Holy Light miracle. You are immune to blindness.
Blessing of Fire: Gain the Hellfire, Fireproof, or Fire & Brimstone miracle. All fire damage you deal is now considered divine. If an ability you use is already divine fire damage, increase its damage by 30%.
Blessing of Civilization:
Neutral Demonic Goddess of Wealth, Excess and Pleasure
Holy Symbol: Golden Pitcher
Rogia is a shapeshifting demon goddess of unnatural beauty and unparalleled hedonistic tendencies. Her influence was already legendary, thanks to the creation of her personal hell: Vixis, but it soared to even greater heights after she seduced and married Karneth, the god of war. While not particularly evil on the surface, offering promises of wealth, pleasure, and prosperity to those who devote themselves, the addiction to these gifts are a deadly trap to those of weaker will. Those who seek greater pleasures eventually seek out Vixis, and run the risk of being enslaved and consumed by these pursuits. These victims is where she draws her power from, making herself, her domain, and her kin all the more enticing and powerful. She is the mother of all Succubi
Blessing of Wealth:
Blessing of Excess:
Blessing of Pleasure:
Benevolent Demonic Goddess of Freedom, Water and Travel
Holy Symbols: Seashell
Blessing of Freedom:
Blessing of Water:
Blessing of Travel:
Malevolent God of the Void, the Cold and Madness
Holy Symbol: Black Vortex
Blessing of the Void:
Blessing of the Cold:
Blessing of Madness:
Malevolent Goddess of Deception, Manipulation and Envy
Holy Symbol: Green Fox
Blessing of Deception:
Blessing of Manipulation:
Blessing of Envy:
Benevolent Goddess of Courage, Compassion, and Protection
Holy Symbol: A Shield, often engraved with hearts or symbols of motherhood, etc.
Blessing of Courage:
Blessing of Compassion:
Blessing of Protection: Gain the Divine Shield miracle.
Benevolent Goddess of Love, Synergy, and Healing
Holy Symbol: Hand with Spiral Shape in the Palm
Blessing of Love:
Blessing of Synergy:
Blessing of Healing: Gain the Faith Healing and Purify miracle. Increase the result of all healing rolls or scores by 50%.

Benevolent Miracles

Faith Healing
(Command or secondary action: Prayer Miracle (12); Heal) Select a target of your choice within line of sight. That target regains HP equal to your culture skill +2d10.
Mastery A
Intensive Prayer
If you perform Faith Healing as a primary touch action. when performing it as this action, it now heals HP equal to your twice your culture skill + 4d10.
Mastery B
Healing Circle
If you perform Faith Healing as a primary action, you may heal all targets of your choice within up to your culture skill in meters.
(Primary action: Miracle (18); Benevolent) Choose a target within line-of-sight to become blessed. Increase all rolls made by this target by +1d6 until the end of the round. You cannot bless a target more than once at a time. A blessing and a curse on the same target with cancel each other out.
Mastery I
Improved Blessing
When a target is blessed, use 2d4 instead of a 1d6.
Mastery II
Effortless Blessings
You may bless with a secondary action instead of a primary.
Mastery II
Mass Blessing
You may now bless all targets of your choice within a radius equal to your culture skill in meters.
Fear of God
(Command or secondary action: Miracle (18); Fear)
Force an immediate intimidation contest of your culture skill vs willpower against a target of your choice. If the target is immune to fear, ignore this immunity, but with an advantage to resist.
Wrath of God
(Secondary action: Miracle (14); Malevolent)
Gain damage advantage for the duration until the beginning of your next turn.
Mastery I
Bolster the Faithful
Choose an additional target for Wrath of God. This target gains damage advantage for the duration of their turn.
(Primary action: Miracle (16); Malevolent)
Choose a target within line of sight to be cursed. Decrease all rolls made by this target by 1d6 until the end of the encounter. You cannot curse a target more than once at a time. A blessing and a curse on the same target with cancel each other out.
Mastery I
Improved curse
When a target is cursed, use a 2d4 instead of a 1d6.
Mastery II
Effortless Curse
You may bless with a secondary action instead of a primary.
Mastery II
Mass Curse
You may curse all targets of your choice within a radius equal to your divine favor score in meters.
Word of God
(Command action: Mind Control)
Sacred Ground
(Primary action: Miracle (18); Malevolent)
(Primary action: Divine Miracle; Cost: 1 stamina) This miracle can clear air or water or any impurities or additives, or eliminate the effect of potions, drugs, alcohol, poison, radiation, nausea, or sickness on one target.
|Mastery I
Relinquish Control
Purify can now also end active mind-control and hex effects.
Divine Shield
(Secondary action: Miracle (20); Benevolent)
Speak in Tongues
Make Whole
Divine Contract
Raise Dead
Food for Faith
Let There Be Light
Speak with Dead
Get Thee Hence
Holy Light
(Primary action: Miracle (15) Divine Light Heat Beam or Spray) You shed a bright white light that can blind an enemy and burn them with intense heat. Deal divine heat damage equal to your culture skill if you choose to use it as a spray, or your culture +2d6 if you use it as a beam. Any victim that gets hit with holy light must make a health contest vs the amount of damage you dealt. If they fail, they become temporarily blinded for 1d4 rounds.
Mastery I
Star Shroud
(Primary action: Miracle (30) Divine Light Fire Heat Aura) You become enveloped in robes made of bright burning fire for 1d4 rounds (with advantage). These robes grant you temporary immunity to heat and fire damage. They also emit an aura in a radius equal to 1/2 your culture skill, dealing your culture skill in fire/heat damage to any enemy within. They must also make a blindness check when they end a turn within the aura, their health vs your culture. If they lose, they become temporarily blinded for an amount of rounds equal to their margin of loss. If they lose by a critical, they become permanently blinded.
Walk on Water
Cure Disease
Great Wind
Shape Water
Flash Freeze
Banish to Hell
Aura of Death
Astral Projection
Swarm of Insects
Words of Wisdom
Divine Inspiration
Control Weather
Fire & Brimstone
Bind Soul
Death Touch
(Secondary action: Miracle; Death, Hex, Malevolent) If you touch a living target that has zero HP or less, the target instantly dies. Once per encounter, you may use this miracle on a living target dealing divine affliction damage equal to 2x your divine favor score.
Mastery I
You may now use Death Touch twice per encounter on living targets.


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