Recommended Player Species

These species are balanced and ready to play for level 1 characters. They are also recommended because they are more likely to have a wider variety of characteristics and personalities.

1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Arkiner Beta-9 Bokh Caligoss Changeling Dragonkin
2 Dravé Dwarf Elf Fasarsan Glanto Grukk
3 Halfling Human Ijari Jedéva Meek Melian
4 Orc Panigrex Quarrix Ramalac Revenant
5 Skykhan Succubus Stikini Swidek Taoto
6 Varanid Vulk Xytan Yemleth Yeti Zelford

To randomly choose a species, roll a d6 once for the row, and again for the column. If you roll a six for the column, you may select the column yourself or re-roll. Rules for adapting intelligent Monsters for player characters are listed at the bottom of each Monsters page. Below is the quick guide for player recommended species.

Species Size/Type Notable Skills/Abilities
Arkiner Short/ Cyborg Arthropod Increased Fitness and Intelligence Attributes. Increased Intuition, hardware and health skills. Resistance to physical damage, Heat vision sense, flight, unique metal shear mandibles and intuitive engineer abilities. Begins the game with 75,000 credits worth of cybernetics perks.
Beta-9 Medium/Humanoid Machine Increased Fitness, and knowledge attributes. Increased hardware, software, toughness, and drive skills. Resistance to physical damage and Immunity to non-tech mind control, suffocation, poison, starvation, sleep, unconsciousness. Begins with machine perks equal to 80,000 credits.
Caligoss Medium/ Vaprous Humanoid Increased stamina, sneak and captivation, have difficult to damage gaseous bodies, can change shape, are self-sustaining, and can fly.
Changeling Medium/ Genetically Modified Shapeshifter Humanoid Arthropod Increased sneak, bluff, culture, intuition and perception, can shapeshift to appear as any species and person that is roughly close to your size, knows two bonus optional languages, can perfectly mimic any noise or voice, and has genetically modified perks.
Dragonkin Large/ Draconic Humanoid Increased strength, health, toughness, intimidation and culture, night vision and scent senses, natural armor, your choice of elemental dragon breath and resistance to that element, claws, jaws and horns, and can fly.
Dravé Medium/ Humanoid Increased speed, health, stamina, toughness, accuracy, agility, sneak, bluff and willpower, can shapeshift into any gender, and has razorsharp quills.
Dwarf Short/ Humanoid Increased strength, health, stamina, toughness melee, science, mechanics, software, drive and willpower, dark vision and scent senses, and filter lungs.
Elf Medium/ Magical Humanoid Increased speed, melee, accuracy, agility, sneak, drive, culture, spellcraft and perception ,night vision and enhanced hearing senses, magic capable and adept at perceiving illusions.
Glanto Large/ Genetically Modified Humanoid Reptilian Increased strength, health, stamina, toughness, melee, intimidation and perception, natural armor, fearless, claws, jaws and horns
Grukk Short/ Humanoid Reptilian Increased health, stamina, melee, accuracy, agility, sneak, drive, perception and animal handling, dark vision and scent senses, cold, heat, starvation and thirst resistance, claws and jaws, and pack tactics.
Fasarsan Very Large/ Fungal Plant Increased strength, health, stamina, toughness, intuition, willpower, perception and animal handling, scent and echolocation senses, natural armor, poison immunity, mind control and sickness resistance, filtered respiration, and a wide array of organic plant/fungi abilities.
Halfling Short/ Humanoid Increased dexterity, charisma, knowledge and intelligence, 2 additional optional languages, versatility, and non-menacing presence that allows you to avoid unwanted attention in and out of combat.
Human Medium/ Humanoid 1 optional language and extreme versatility allowing for extra perks, an extra class ability and more.
Ijari Large/ Marine Humanoid Increased strength, toughness, and intelligence, heat vision sense, natural armor and heat and fire immunity, marine adapted, can create an extra skin of metal, can project superheated steam.
Jedéva Small/ Magical Serpentine Draconic Spirit Increased dexterity and knowledge attributes. Increased speed, health, accuracy, agility, and spellcraft skills. They have the claws, jaws, and horns, mage culture, mana boost, magic flight, and the unique third eye, and spirit dive abilities.
Meek Medium/ Astral Arthropod Humanoid Increased persuasion, trade, culture, science, software and willpower, 1 optional language, heat and cold resistance, radiation, poison and suffocation immunity, spaceworthy, solar powered, and wealthy.
Melian Medium/ Beast Humanoid Increased strength, speed, melee, agility and sneak, night vision sense, 1 optional language, jaws and clinging claws, and four arms.
Orc Large/ Fungal Plant Humanoid Increased strength, health, stamina, toughness and intimidation, dark vision sense, immunity to bleedout, fear and being charmed, re-attachable body parts, and regeneration.
Panigrex Short/ Reptilian Quadruped Increased strength, speed, melee, agility, captivation and perception, hyperspectral vision and scent senses, claws, jaws and horns, cling claws, and color changing bioluminescent feathers.
Quarrix Medium/ Psionic Astral Humanoid Increased fitness, knowledge and intelligence attributes. Increased strength, health, melee, intimidation and psionics skills. Cold, heat, suffocation, and radiation immunity. Has the natural psion, warp, and unique ambient harvest ability.
Ramalac Very Large/ Marine Humanoid Increased strength, speed, agility, intimidation and perception, Dark Vision and 360 degree vision senses, super flexibility, tentacled appendages and amphibious.
Revenant Medium/ Magical Undead Humanoid Increased health, toughness, culture and spellcraft, immunity to aging, disease, starvation, suffocation, bleedout, poison and bonus damage to most vital strikes, re-attachable body parts and naturally magic capable.
Skykhan Small/ Magical Psionic Invertebrate Increased agility, sneak, captivation, culture, spellcraft and psionics, 1 additional optional language, bioluminescent body, can fly, and is both magic and psionic capable.
Stikini Medium/ Magical Bird Beast Shapeshifter Humanoid Increased speed, stamina, agility, sneak, bluff, spellcraft, culture and perception skills. Has night vision, mage culture, beak and talons, and 3 form shifting ability to switch between humanoid, bird and beast forms, all with their own stat increases.
Succubus Medium/ Demon Humanoid Increased dexterity, charisma, knowledge and intelligence attributes. Increased health, agility, intuition and willpower skills. Fire resistance, darkvision, claws jaws and horns, demon wings, beautiful appearance, a dexterous tail, and the unique succubus shift ability.
Swidek Large/ Beast Humanoid Increased fitness, knowledge, and intelligence attributes. Increased strength, toughness, animal handling, melee, and hardware skills. Has night vision, the unique smell-o-vision sense, cast iron stomach tusks & hooves, and the gore ability.
Taoto Medium/ Cyborg Humanoid Increased knowledge and intelligence attributes. Increased accuracy, health, persuasion, science, and software skills. Has the unique electroreception sense, physical damage resistance, electricity immunity,cyborg, and unique wisdom of the grandmaster, and bio-battery abilities.
Tektralite Large/ Cyborg Humanoid Shit’s goin’ down with them soon. TBD.
Varanid Short, Medium, or Large/ Genetically Modified Reptilian Increased attributes and skill points that you determine. Size that you determine. Resistance to sickness, nausea, poison and radiation. Has the claws and jaws, genetic versatility and unique genetic specialist ability, granting 75,000 credits worth of genemod perks.
Vulk Large/ Beast Humanoid Increased fitness and dexterity attributes. Increased strength, speed, toughness, melee, sneak, intimidation, intuition and perception skills. Has the night vision and scent sense. Has cold resistance and claws and jaws.
Xytan Medium/ Psionic Crystalline Humanoid Has an increased intelligence attribute. Hs increased health, toughness, accuracy, agility, willpower and psionics skills. Has heat vision and the unique psionic sensor vision. Has acid, vital strike and heat immunity. Has the natural psion, and acid secretion abilities.
Yeti Very Large/ Giant Beast Humanoid Has increased fitness and dexterity attributes. Has increased strength, toughness, agility and intimidation skills. Has the scent and night vision sense. Has cold and physical damage resistance. Has the claws and jaws, natural mountaineer, snow camo, and stoic abilities.
Zelford Medium/ Psionic Elemental Humanoid Has increased dexterity and intelligence attributes. Has increased stamina, melee, accuracy, agility willpower and psionics skills. Has elemental resistance of your choice. Has the natural psion perk and the unique elemental kinetics ability, granting you control of an element of your choice.

Need help selecting? I want a species who has more bonuses in:

Knowledge Beta-9, Dwarf, Meek, Revenant,Stikini, Tektralite, Taoto
Intelligence Arkiner, Dravé, Quarrix, Ijari, Xytan, Zelford
Fitness Dragonkin, Glanto, Fasarsan, Orc, Ramalac, Swidek, Vulk, Yeti
Charisma Caligoss, Changeling, Halfling, Panigrex, Succubus
Dexterity Elf, Grukk, Jedéva, Melian
Versatility/Balanced Human, Skykhan, Varanid

Other Species

There are many other species in the remnants universe, but not all of them are created equal to the recommended player species. These species often come with a “Balance Cost”, which requires additional level tokens being paid in advance to play them to even out these differences. Due to their unorthodox nature and play style, being able to play some of these species might require permission or negotiation from your GM.

Undead & Spirits

Zombie Wight Skeleton Lich Bonegatherer
Ghost Banshee Wraith Phantom Plaguewalker

Gods, Demigods & Demons

Nosferatu Demon Djinn Souleater Flameskull
Hellhound Astral Hulk Reaper Forest Spirit Succubus

Exotic Intelligent Creatures

Gelatinous Cube Elemental Mutterer Cavespawn Mimic
Boggle Fortress Cube Minotaur Gezgin Golem
Ogre Troll Fasarsan Dragon
Argeitan Yong-Sei Arsonist Spider Crotalus Mimic


Voidmouth Greatworm Elder Dragon


Landshark Great Spider Tyrannosaurus Utahraptor
Chimera Sabrecat Dire Wolf Worg Roc
Giant Vespid Wendigo Basilisk Hydra
Thunderbird Ripperroach Swarm Scrapseeker Cerberus
Kelpie Bukavac Wolf Bear Eagle
Dire Hound

Machines & Constructs

Program Colossus Assault Drone Turret Walker War Machine

Custom Builds

Machine Abomination Demon


Remnants of a Slain God fractalfreddy