Recommended Player Species

These species are balanced and ready to play for level 1 characters. They are also recommended because they are more likely to have a wider variety of characteristics and personalities.

1 2 3 4
1 Versatile Human Varanid Dravé Elf
2 Fitness Glanto Vulk Dragonkin Orc
3 Dexterity Grukk Melian Panigrex Imblican
4 Charisma Meek Succubus Changeling Halfling
5 Knowledge Taoto Beta-9 Revenant Dwarf
6 Intelligence Xytan Ijari Quarrix Arkiner

Player Recommended Species Type Chart:

Psionic Species: Xytan, Quarrix Machine & Cyborg: Taoto, Beta-9, Arkiner
Magical Species: Elf, Revenant Reptilian Species: Varanid, Panigrex, Grukk, Glanto
Demon Species: Succubus, Imblican Arthropod Species: Meek, Arkiner, Changeling
Beast Species: Vulk, Melian Plant & Fungi: Fasarsan, Orc
Astral Species: Meek, Quarrix Genetically Modified: Varanid, Changeling
Shapeshifter Species: Changeling, Succubus Undead Species: Revenant
Marine Species: Ijari Draconic Species: Dragonkin
Basic Humanoids: Human, Dwarf, Halfling, Dravé

Other Species

There are many other species in the remnants universe, but not all of them are created equal to the recommended player species. These unbalanced species often come with a “Balance Cost”, which requires additional level tokens being paid in advance to even out this imbalance when picked up by a player. Other species that are balanced are marked with a “*”.

Psionic Type

Zelford* Skykhan* Crotalus* Yemleth*

Magical Type

Lich Jedéva* Nosferatu* Djinn Forest Spirit
Skykhan* Stikini*

Undead & Spirit Type

Zombie Wight Skeleton Lich Bonegatherer
Ghost Banshee Wraith Phantom Plaguewalker
Jedéva* Forest Spirit

God, Demigod & Demon Type

Nosferatu* Demon Djinn Souleater Flameskull
Hellhound Astral Hulk Reaper Forest Spirit Ravilon

Elemental Type

Elemental Zelford* Golem

Exotic Creatures

Skykhan* Caligoss* Bionaut Armor*
Gelatinous Cube Mutterer Mimic
Boggle Fortress Cube Minotaur Gezgin
Argeitan Yong-Sei Arsonist Spider Crotalus Mimic

Plant & Fungi Type


Giant & Kaiju Type

Yeti* Yemleth* Ogre* Troll*
Voidmouth Greatworm Elder Dragon

Marine Type


Beast Type

Swidek* Yeti* Stikini*
Landshark Great Spider Tyrannosaurus Utahraptor
Chimera Sabrecat Dire Wolf Worg Roc
Giant Vespid Wendigo Basilisk Hydra
Thunderbird Ripperroach Swarm Scrapseeker Cerberus
Kelpie Bukavac Wolf Bear Eagle
Dire Hound

Reptilian & Draconic Type

Draconic Type

Dragon Dragonkin* Jedéva*

Arthropod Type

Machine & Cyborg Type

Program Colossus Assault Drone Turret Walker
War Machine Machine

Horror Type



Remnants of a Slain God harbadger