Terran Alliance

Terran Alliance

Majority Species:

Capitol: St Petersburg, Russia, Earth

Official Languages: Common

Demonym: Terran

Government: Oligarchical Republic

Terran Supreme Chancellor
Taoto Grandmaster
Swidek Grand Imperial Mayor
Melian Elder Marshal
Vulk Hierarch

Area: see Alliance Space

Currency: Credits

Brief History:

The Terran Alliance was formed two decades after humans first contact with the taoto after the controversial helixian exile. The remaining humans who swore loyalty to this one world government would follow terran chancellor and republic in return for advanced taoto technology and a voice in relations to other alien species.
The humans and taoto formed this alliance to unite humanity and the taoto and protect all species who would join this alliance. Due to the advancing vulk empire, the swidek also joined, offering their terraforming methods and industries to help expand the alliance.
After the costly victory against the vulk empire, their influence, military and territory were widely expanded during peacetime after a successful trade partnership with the Astral Assembly.
Massive aid and support was provided to the melians in their crusades and refugee programs. Shortly after the crusades had ended, the melians gladly joined the alliance with promises of supplying troops, explorers, and valuable intelligence in the future.
The vulk would controversially join the terran alliance under the command of Hierarch Molniya. This was supposedly to make amends, advance their technology, and keep their military skills sharp all while having the resources available to recover from their empires collapse and regrow their species.

Terran Alliance

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