The second Hell, Trima, is also called the realm of flesh and blood, as the ground you tread on, and all below it, is a single living creature. Trima is a dimension unto itself, a nucleus planet, and a world eating monster, that overlaps its dimensional space on top of a world and takes a digests it. This consumed material not only helps Trima survive, but serve another purpose. Excess nutrients and materials are processed within its body and eventually become excreted on its surface as living demonspawn, the nosferatu and astral hulks.

Countless planets, celestial bodies, and even fallen gods, have become meals for Trima. After Karneth requested a superweapon in the war against the Architect, Skisar obliged and created this realm. It’s purpose was to simultaneously and efficiently destroy the Architects creations while building an army of powerful shock troops for the demonic armies. Edra, the goddess of resurrection, renewal, and souls recognized the danger of Trima, and with the help of several other gods, attempted to lead an attack and destroy it. She was unsuccessful, and to make matters worse, was slain by her sister, Yong-sei, the goddess of death. These gods were fed into Trima. With this new surge of divine power and essence, it ascended to the status of a demonic god itself, with aspects of consumption, brutality, and sacrilege.

It’s brutal will is spread like a virus through non-demon spaces by the nosferatu and astral hulks. Astral hulks are simple demons, and not too bright, however they are very good at one thing: destruction. This is a reason why Karneth’s influence and presence are deeply rooted into this hell above all others, as hulks are a reliable favorite in his army. The nosferatus sheer numbers, and combination of blood magic and battle prowess, make them a good fit for any army. Trima has even been known to supply its demons as mercenary forces in return for favors.

Trima’s nucleus planet is a constantly shifting and growing sphere of flesh and bone with 7 other oblong or spherical organs in orbit around, 3 of which are bioluminescent and can shed light akin to earth’s sunlight at dusk. Most of its surface is like an unending, flat, bog filled wasteland, where water is replaced with blood, body oils, and all other manners of bodily fluids, mixed and often partially congealed. The constant digestion brings a powerful stench into the air of body odor and decay. Sporadic growths of bone and flesh can and often do emerge and change an areas landscape overnight, creating twisted bone towers, infected hill-like mounds, etc.

The nosferatu and hulks do not build here, and live simply as hunter gatherers among the often parasitic life forms on the nucleus planet. Putting the words culture alongside these two species is almost a joke in itself. The height of what could be called culture among them is boasting of kills and perhaps the rare hand painting, usually made with somethings innards. Even outsider demons hesitate to build here, as structures on the surface are often swiftly overgrown by flesh. This results in airships and similar flying structures being the optimal choice in Trima.


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