How to Create Your Armor

Step 1: Choose your armor design
Step 2: Choose your armor material
Step 3: Apply your Material information to your armor design
Step 4 (Optional): Modify your armor with any upgrades you want

Buying sets of armor:

Protection: When buying armor, the DR (Damage Resistance) is represented as DR+X. X being the amount of protection provided by the particular design, and DR representing the natural DR of the chosen material. If you choose steel, then all the stats remain the same and the natural DR is 14.
Coverage: A cuirass or vest covers the torso only. A shirt covers the shoulders and torso. A jacket covers the arms and torso. Leggings cover the legs and feet. A greatcoat or robes cover the arms, torso and legs. Pants cover the legs only. A suit covers the torso, arms, legs, feet and neck. A helmet or helm covers the entire head. A mask covers the face only.

Size Bonus/Penalty
Tiny +10
Small +5
Compact 0
Medium -5
Large -10
Heavy -15
Huge -20

Breaking Point Table

If an item receives damage (after subtracting DR) in a single hit equal to this amount or more, the item breaks and can no longer be used until repaired.

Condition Breaking Point
Fragile 5
Decrepit 20
Shoddy 50
Average 80
Sturdy 120
Heavy-Duty 200
Adamant 350

Low-tech Helmets & Eyewear

Armor Type Cost Protection Weight Complexity Rules
Great Helm Medium Sturdy 600 DR+4 1.5 kg Repair: 10
Build: 30
Reduced Vision
Coif Small Average 300 DR+1 2 kg Repair: 6
Build: 20
No Crushing Resistance
Piercing Resistance +30% DR
Corinthian Helm Medium Heavy-duty 400 DR+2 1 kg Repair: 8
Build: 25
Kabuto Medium Heavy-duty 850 DR+3 1.5 kg Repair: 12
Build: 36
Intimidation Bonus: +15%
Armored Mask Simple Small Sturdy 250 DR+1 0.1 kg Repair: 10
Build: 25
Intimidation or captivation bonus: +10%
Improvised Helmet Medium Decrepit - DR-1 - - -
Spectacles Tiny Fragile 100 Neg. Neg. Repair: 10
Build: 40
Eyepatch Tiny Fragile 20 Neg. Neg. Repair: 3
Build: 10

Medium-tech Helmets & Eyewear

Armor Type Cost Protection Weight Traits
Ballistics Helmet Compact Sturdy 600 DR+2 1 kg Repair: 12
Build: 36
Piercing Resistance +50% DR
Explosive Resistance +50% DR
Athletic Helmet Medium Average 500 DR+0 1 kg Repair: 12
Build: 36
Crushing Resistance +50% DR
Stagger Resistance: Advantage
Racing Helmet Medium Sturdy 500 DR+1 1 kg Repair: 12
Build: 36
Crushing Resistance +50% DR
Fire Resistance: 12
Welding Helmet Medium Average 400 DR-2 1.5 kg Repair: 12
Build: 36
Fire & Heat Resistance: 15
Hardhat Medium Average 300 DR+0 0.5 kg Repair: 8
Build: 24
Crushing Resistance: +50% DR
Sunglasses Tiny Fragile 80 - Neg. Repair: 10
Build: 30
Bright Resistance: Advantage
Nightvision Goggles Small Decrepit 5,000 - 0.5 kg Repair: 23
Build: 70
Tactical Goggles Small Decrepit 200 - Neg. Repair: 8
Build: 24
Bright Resistance: Advantage
Blind Resistance: Advantage

High-tech Helmets & Eyewear

Armor Type Cost Protection Weight Complexity Traits
Space Combat Helmet Medium Sturdy 10,000 DR+8 2 kg Repair: 25
Build: 75
TAURUS” Combat Helmet Medium Heavy-duty 15,000 DR+10 2 kg Repair: 28
Build: 85
“Starfinder” Survival Helmet Medium Average 4,500 DR+0 0.5 kg Repair: 22
Build: 66
VR Interface Goggles Small Decrepit 2,000 DR-1 0.2 kg Repair: 18
Build: 42
VR Interface

Helmet & Eyewear Upgrades

Note: Eyewear can generally only take upgrades with the word “visor” in the name, unless the GM approves.

Name Cost* Tech/
Lightweight Conversion +1/2 original cost Reduces weight by 30%
HUD Visor 200 credits Intricate
This basic computerized armored visor that can record what is seen through it and is the basic platform for various visor upgrades.
Air Supply 500 credits Intricate
Your helmet contains a highly compressed air mixture that provides breathable air for 2 hours on a full charge.
Filter System Intricate Med-tech
Aim Assist Visor Simple High-tech
Nightvision Visor Intricate Med-tech
Thermal Visor Intricate Med-tech
X-ray Visor Simple High-tech
Zoom Visor Simple Med-tech
Shock Absorbers Intricate Med-tech Grants Crushing and Explosive resistance x1/2
Scan Visor Intricate Med-tech
Temperature Regulator Intricate Med-tech
Space-worthy Intricate Med-tech
Mindshielding Simple High-tech
Flashguard Visor Intricate Med-tech
Comm System Simple Med-tech
Smartpatch Intricate High-tech
Stealth Field Intricate High-tech
Static Field Simple High-tech

Low-tech Armor

Armor Type Piece/
DR Weight Traits
Plate Armor Intricate Low-tech Large Heavy-duty Cuirass: 3,500
Leggings: 4,000
Suit: 8,000
DR+4 Curaiss: 6 kg
Leggings: 10 kg
Suit: 20 kg
Slashing & Crushing Resistance +30%
Lorica Segmentata Simple Low-tech Large Sturdy Shirt: 3,000 DR+2 5 kg Slashing & Crushing Resistance +3
Chainmail Simple Low-tech Small Sturdy Shirt: 800
Leggings: 1,000
DR+0 Shirt: 10 kg
Leggings: 15 kg
Piercing Resistance +40%
No Crushing Resistance
Lamellar Armor Simple Low-tech Large Heavy-duty Cuirass: 2,500
Leggings: 3,000
Suit: 6,000
DR+5 Cuirass: 3 kg
Leggings: 12 kg
Suit: 20 kg
Magicloth Armor Intricate Low-tech Small Sturdy Magical Vest: 2,000
Jacket: 2,250
Pants: 2,500
Robes: 3,500
DR+2 (Silk)
Vest: 0.2 kg
Jacket: 0.4 kg
Pants: 0.5 kg
Robes: 1 kg
Magic Damage Resistance +30%
Fabrics & Polymers Only
Jack of Plate Simple Low-tech Compact Sturdy Vest: 700 DR+0 1 kg Piercing Resistance +30%
Padded Armor Simple Low-tech Compact Shoddy Cuirass: 500
Leggings: 500
Suit: 800
DR+0 (Quilted Cloth)
Cuirass: 0.5 kg
Leggings: 1.5 kg
Suit: 2.5 kg
Crushing Resistance +20%
Fabrics & Polymers Only

Medium-tech Armor

Armor Type Coverage/
DR Weight Traits
Ballistic Armor Vest: 2,000
Greaves: 3,500
Both: 5,000
DR+2 Vest: kg
Pants: kg
Full: kg
Piercing Resistance +6
Riot Armor
Bomb Suit Full Suit: 18,000 DR+5
Athletic Armor Torso:
Full Suit:
Diving Armor Full Suit: DR+6

High-tech Armor

Armor Type Cost DR Weight Traits
Power Armor Full Suit:100,000 DR+10 200 kg
(Self Supporting If On)
Battery: 16 Hours
Strength +12
Move Speed +5
Stealth Tacsuit Full Suit: DR+3
Space Armor Full Suit: DR+7
Nanite Armor
Necronite Armor
Bionaut Armor

Armor Upgrades


Overshields are portable force field generators that rapidly recharging force barriers that layer over armor. These barriers do not normally have damage resistance, but instead absorb all incoming damage (excluding affliction) to itself until the generator is overloaded and the barrier is broken when it reaches zero HP. At the beginning of each of your turns when turned on, your overshield automatically restores itself to full HP and expends a fuel point. When the overshield has no fuel points remaining, it cannot restore itself. Typically, overshields are turned on only when combat is expected soon, to preserve battery life. Controlled electric damage dealt by yourself or an ally targeting the overshield generator can regenerate its fuel points. 5 points of electric damage would equal 1 fuel point, and a maximum of 3 fuel points can regenerated per action (Further electricity can overload the batteries). Only one overshield can be equipped at a time. Overshield generators can be worn on top of clothes or armor and do not require a hand to use. They have a size of -5 (15-30 cm).

Design Cost HP Weight Complexity Traits
Safeguard Overshield 10,000 40 1 kg Repair: 20
Build: 60
Fuel points: 6
Aurorex Overshield 25,000 75 1 kg Repair: 25
Build: 70
Fuel points: 7
PhotonicKnight Overshield 40,000 100 1 kg Repair: 28
Build: 80
Fuel points: 8
AdamanTech Overshield 100,000 200 1 kg Repair: 33
Build: 100
Fuel points: 9
Immortalizer Overshield 250,000 500 1 kg Repair: 50
Build: 150
Fuel points: 10

Overshield Upgrades

Low-tech Shields

Shield Type Melee Damage Cost DR Weight Traits
Improvised Shield GMs Discretion Improvised Weapons
or GM’s Discretion
- DR-2 - Block -1
Buckler Simple Sturdy Compact 1d10+Half Strength Crushing 400 DR+6
Round Shield Simple Sturdy Large 2d6+Half Strength Crushing 700 DR+8 Block+1
Kite or Oval Shield Simple Sturdy Large 2d6+Half Strength Crushing 1,000 DR+10 Block+1
Tower Shield Simple Heavy-duty Heavy 2d8+Half Strength Crushing 1,400 DR+12 Block+2

Medium-tech Shields

Shield Type Melee Damage Cost DR Weight Traits
Riot Shield Simple Sturdy Large 1,000 DR+2
Ballistic Shield Simple Heavy-duty Heavy 6,000 DR+16 Piercing Resistance +5

High-tech Shields

Projection Shield Force Shield
Duo Shield Force+Standard Shield
Nanite Shield
Necronite Shield
Bionaut Shield

Shield Upgrades


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