Attribute & Skill Modifiers
Fitness Dexterity Charisma Knowledge Intelligence
- +2 - +1 -
Strength Melee Bluff Culture Intuition
- - - - -
Speed Accuracy Captivation Science Willpower
+2 +1 - - -
Health Agility Intimidation Hardware Perception
+2 +2 - - -
Stamina Sneak Persuasion Software Animal Handling
- +1 - -
Toughness Drive Trade Spellcraft Psionics
- - - +4 -

Basic Traits

Serpentine Magical Draconic Spirit
Small, -1
Modified Senses
Third Eye Sight*
Common, Draconic

Species Abilities

Take these automatically.
Claws, Jaws, and Horns Add your melee skill in damage to unarmed attacks using any of these body parts and change the damage type to slashing or piercing, you gain the gore action.
Mage Culture You do not have to take the magery perk to use the spellcraft skill and learn spells.
Third Eye (Style: Passive action) At the beginning of each turn, you may choose to open or close your third eye. This style does not count towards the maximum amount of styles you may have at once. Whether your third eye is open or closed grants different effects, listed below:
Closed: regenerate mana in your mana-pool (see mana boost below) equal to 1/4 your health skill each turn (Minimum: 1) and HP equal to 1/2 your health skill.
Open: Gain a temporary 30% bonus to your spellcraft, psionics and perception skills, reduce the mana cost of spirit dive by 1, and the ability to see normally invisible disembodied spirits, but expend 3 mana points at the end of your turn.
Mana Boost You have a permanent bonus mana-pool equal to your spellcraft skill. This mana-pool functions as if you were drawing from stamina and can only be used for magic related abilities or spells.
Spirit Dive (Secondary action: spirit shapeshift; cost: 4 mana per round) Your body temporarily phases out of physical form into a spirit form. You become insubstantial while in this form. You immediately drop any substantial items or equipment you are currently carrying. You can sustain this form at the beginning of each turn as a passive action, but must continue paying the stamina cost.
Magic Flight Your body possesses an innate magic which allows you flight. You can fly with acceleration equal to your 1/2 speed + 1/2 spellcraft skills and a top speed equal to 3x your speed or spellcraft skill (whichever is higher).

Species Exclusive Perks

Spiritual Possessions whenever you use spirit dive, any equipment or items you have turn insubstantial with you and are remain and are not dropped or removed
Mana Distortion Whenever you are the target of a spell, the caster gains a temporary disadvantage to cast the spell and their casting critical failure rate temporarily increases by +1d4.
Mana Breath (Secondary action: Magic Affliction Breath Spray; Cost: 5 mana) You expel a jet of concentrated mana at your victim. On a hit, deal affliction damage equal to 2x your spellcraft +1d12.


Body Description
The Jedéva have thin and long serpentine shaped bodies, with 2 arms and legs. Their bodies are covered with very fine, shiny placoid scales, which can come in almost any color, but typically remain one color throughout the body. Their heads are long and relatively flat, and often have a ring of backwards facing horns near the back of the head. They have three eyes, forming a triangular shape, with two normal eyes and third vertically positioned eye in the top center. This eye, often remains closed, but when opened, is slightly bioluminescent and isn’t uncommon to be a different color than the other two. Their arms and hands are typical of most humanoids, having dexterous opposable thumbs, but have comparatively short legs (about the same length as their arms), capable of letting them stand upright on them. However, they primarily float in the air, remaining in a sort of loose coil or winding vertical posture. Whenever they do land on the ground, they are most comfortable in a quadrupedal position.
Average Length
2.2-3.5 meters
Average Weight
35-55 kg
Average Lifespan
300-400 years


Home world
Their original homeworld is unknown to them,
However, Gyvrull-1 is treated as their current homeworld
Draconic Empire
Preferred Deities
The Architect, God of Magic, Creation, and Dominion
The Astral Dragon, Goddess of Judgement, Wisdom, and Power
Yalamuri, Goddess of Life, Nature, and the Wild
Common Names
Male: Chakkan, Goyen, Rama, Jongam, Akamu, Kahoka
Female: Anani, Keahi, Makala, Malo, Okilani, Tanalo
Common Characteristics
Adventurous, Social, Playful, Curious, Excessive, Carefree, Kind, Competitive
Common Occupations
Oracle, Courier, Dancer, Acrobat, Novelty Performer, Healer, Adventurer, Scout, Nomad, Battlemage, Wizard, Spellscribe

Cultural Aptitude

Main Allies Main Enemies
Dragonkin, Panigrex, Elf, Melian Dravé, Arkiner, Quarrix, Tektralite
Population Size Magic
Average Excellent
Melee Combat Ranged Combat
Above Average Good
Diplomacy Wealth
Good Above Average
Technology Space-faring
Below Average Average


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