Mech Suits

Using a mech suit

Mech suits are powerful machines but often lack speed or finesse. You do not have a secondary action while piloting a mech suit, but you may still trade your primary action for a secondary action. Mech suits count as machines and can be upgraded with cybernetic perks or mech mods (listed below the mech suit models). Their performance can be improved by these methods or by improving your skills. High hardware, software, and driving skills are often the best combination of skills for an optimal mech pilot.

Mech suits are generally humanoid in shape and have a 2x weakness to electricity and radiation. A mech suits HP is not multiplied by 3 like a normal characters but by the listed multiplier instead. When a mech suit drops below zero HP it is allowed a death saving roll, just like player characters. If it fails this saving roll it becomes broken instead of dead and must be restored to full HP before it can be functional again. After a mech suits HP goes below zero its’ armor no longer provides protection to the pilot. Mech suits cannot have their HP restored by healing abilities that do not target machines or technology. Unless stated otherwise, mech suits have a visible windshield or open areas of the cockpit that allow for possible line of sight to the pilot inside.

Mech suit Models:

A stocky, sturdy mech built around a closed vault-like cockpit designed for pilot safety as the priority. Their durability and reliability often results in usage measured in generations instead of years. While not the quickest mech, its strength, toughness, and simplicity make it a dependable go-to among civilians as well as military.
Size: pilots SM + 2
HP Multiplier: x6
Physical DR: 25 + creator’s hardware skill
Fitness: 2.5x creator’s hardware skill
Dexterity: 1/2 pilot’s driving skill
Speed: 1/2 creator’s hardware skill
Carry limit multiplier : 3x
Special traits:
Elemental DR: 10 + 1/2 creator’s hardware skill (except electric and acid)
Encased: Enemies are treated as not having line of sight to the pilot
Designed for combat, this mech sports large razor-sharp claws and spiked combat armor. While quite capable at medium to long range, it excels at close range, striking terror into the enemy. It doesn’t have a hard time putting this advantage to use due to its excellent speed which allows pilots to blitz the frontlines.
Size: pilots SM + 2
HP multiplier: x5
Physical DR: 15 + creator’s hardware skill
Fitness: 2x creator’s hardware skill
Dexterity: 1/2 pilot’s driving + 1/2 creator’s software
Special traits:
Mech Claws: Add a damage bonus equal to the mech’s melee skill when making unarmed melee strikes with your mech and change the damage type to slashing or piercing.
Spiked Frame: Foes who attempt to grapple this mech are at a disadvantage. Those who come within its melee range take twice the creator’s hardware skill in piercing damage.
Intimidating: You gain a temporary +5 bonus to your intimidation skill while piloting this mech (not including bonuses from your size).
The Jetstream is a lightweight, jet-powered flight mech suit. It is a favorite among scouts, skirmisher and recon troops, along with daredevil thrill-seekers who have a need for speed. It’s armor rating is considerably low compared to other mech suits, but the Jetstream makes up for this in agility. Its slim, form fitting design takes away the need for experience in driving a mech. In fact, the Jetstream’s advanced software anticipates the actions of the pilot and works to assist them, making a good flier a great one and possibly saving the pilot’s life.
Size: pilots SM + 1
HP Multiplier: x2.5
Physical DR: 12 + creator’s hardware skill
Fitness: Same as pilot
Dexterity: Pilots Dexterity + 1/3 creator’s software skill
Special Traits:
Jet Thrusters: You can now fly, hover, and jet-jump. Your flight speed acceleration is equal to the hardware skill of this mech’s creator with a max speed equal to 8x that hardware skill. You can also jet-jump, which is a movement action that allows you to make a long and rapid jet assisted leap. This jet-jump moves you up to the creator’s hardware skill in meters, or less, horizontally and/or vertically in a direction of your choice. Jet-jumping gives enemies a double disadvantage to hit you with attacks of opportunity.
Jet Assisted Dodge: Your suit has built in software that allows you the option of evasive rockets to steer you away from danger. Twice per round (but not on the same roll) gain a dodge bonus equal to half the software skill of this mech’s creator.
Decoy Flares: Twice per round (but not on the same roll) gain a dodge bonus against a synched weapon mount, turret, or other computer automated/assisted or heat seeking weapon system (GM discretion). These flares can alternatively be used as a secondary action for lighting, illuminating an area with a radius equal to the creator’s hardware skill in meters with bright light and 4x that hardware skill in dim light.
The Huntsman is a lightweight mech suit designed to provide increased stealth capabilities, increased strength, elemental resistance, and mobility to those venturing into harsh, dangerous, or difficult terrain. It’s armor rating is low, but frontline combat is not what the Huntsman is built for. Whether scaling up impossibly angled cliff faces, diving into or fording through water, or stalking prey or enemies, this mech provides a solid edge. It’s a favorite of dangerous big game hunters, mechanized marines, mountaineers, recon forces, and heavy snipers.
Size: pilots SM + 2
HP Multiplier: x3
Physical DR: 10 + hardware skill
Fitness: creator’s hardware skill
Dexterity: pilot’s driving skill
Movement speed: 1/2 creator’s hardware skill in meters
Carry Limit multiplier: x3
Special Traits:
Smartshooter System: When making ranged attacks from this mech you may choose to engage this system and use your accuracy skill instead of your driving skill.
Camo Field: For the purpose of visual perception, gain a temporary bonus to sneak rolls equal to 1/3 the software skill of this mech’s creator, and you are treated as having a SM 0.
Feather-tread System: For the purposes of hearing related perception, others are at a disadvantage to perceive this mech and it is treated as having a SM 0.
Mountain Goat System: This mech can climb on any normal solid surface (GM discretion) at any angle without making difficulty checks.
Marine Mech: This mech can become air and water-tight as a secondary action. Your mech has a fresh air supply for up to 24 hours. It will automatically recharge this supply after 1 hour exposed to breathable air.

Mech Suits

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