Attribute & Skill Modifiers
Fitness Dexterity Charisma Knowledge Intelligence
+2 +2 +1 - +1
Strength Melee Bluff Culture Intuition
- - - - -
Speed Accuracy Captivation Science Willpower
+3 - +4 - -
Health Agility Intimidation Hardware Perception
- +2 - - +1
Stamina Sneak Persuasion Software Animal Handling
- +2 - - -
Toughness Drive Trade Spellcraft Psionics
- - - - -

Basic Traits

Type Size Modified Senses Languages Resistances Weaknesses
Reptilian Quadruped Small, -1 Hyper-spectral Vision, Scent Common, Ramalaci none none

Species Abilities

Take these automatically
Claws & Jaws Add your melee skill in damage to unarmed attacks using any of these body parts and change the damage type to slashing or piercing.
Clingclaws You have strong retractable claws that can pierce and grip softer materials such as wood, fabrics and plastics. When gripping these materials you can climb them at any angle, even upside-down, without penalty.
Panigrex Feathers Your scaled body is covered in feathers that can change colors and glow. These feathers can glow bright enough to light up a radius up to twice your health skill in meters as bright light and up to 4x your health skill as dim light.
Mimicry You may accurately reproduce any person’s voice or noise you have heard.

Species Exclusive Perks

Stealth Spikes You have a set of lethal spikes hidden under feathers. Your enemies cannot identify if you have these except with special visions (GM discretion, for example: X-ray vision). If an enemy makes physical contact with you, they take piercing damage equal to your health skill+2d6
Chameleon Feathers You have larger coat of feathers adapted to give you better camouflage. Your enemies have double disadvantage to detect you visually.
Flash Feathers (Passive action; Once per Round; Cost: 1 stamina) Your feathers are adapted to give of a bright dazzling light. Force all enemies within your health skill in meters to a health vs health contest. If they fail, they are temporarily blinded for 1d4 turns.


Body Description
Panigrex are quadrupedal reptiles with beautiful, elaborate bioluminescent feathers and two tentacles just above and between their shoulder blades and neck. Their feathers are able to change colors, which is often used to show their herd allegiance, but also to camouflage from, captivate or intimidate predators and prey. Each herd has their own unique colors and patterns. Scale color often ranges between a black, grey or tan color. Their tentacles can grow up to four feet long and are forked into two “fingers” that give them manual dexterity similar to most of their bipedal counterparts.
Average Height/Length
0.9-1.25 meters tall
1.25-1.8 meters long (excluding tail)
Average Weight
135-225 kg
Average Lifespan
90-130 years


Faction Alignment
Their herd
Varied. Each tribe often has a single faith. Panigrex prefer gods of animals, courage, earth, ecstasy, freedom, health, hunting, life, light, luck, nature, plants, secrecy, travel, virtue, water and weather.
Common Names
Names of panigrex herds and individuals are often in reverberal or ramalaci. When translated to common, the names are usually a rough or very straightforward translation of several words, often two.
Unisex: wind-sprinter, forest-walker, giants-bane, shadow-stalker, Clan-builder, glory-glow, rainbow-bolt, guardian’s-roar
Common Characteristics
Gregarious, loyal, confident, cautious, traditional, practical, curious, nature-loving
Common Occupations
Artisan, explorer, security, warrior, artist, hunter/trapper, chef, ranger, athlete

Cultural Aptitude

Main Allies Main Enemies
Ramalac, Dragonkin,
Orc, Vulk,
Population Size Magic
Average Above Average
Melee Combat Ranged Combat
Above Average Above Average
Diplomacy Wealth
Average Below Average
Technology Space-faring
Poor Below Average


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