Robot Ally

Using a robot ally

When using a robot ally it behaves as an independent machine character and acts autonomously to help your allies and you in any way it can. If you establish a mindlink, it can perform any mundane ability of which it and you are capable, but you cannot establish a mindlink with a robot ally through psionics or by pheromones. Robot allies can perform two actions per turn and are treated as “allies” and “items” for the purposes of your allies and your abilities.

Creating & improving a robot ally

When creating a robot ally build it as you would a standard player character with the exception of having an occupation, rolling or placing attribute points, and having a character level. Your robot ally doesn’t actually level up, but its’ stats increase as your hardware and software skills improve. It can have additional class abilities equal to 1/5 of your software skill. You can also purchase machine perks for your robot ally to improve them.

Your robot ally’s Fitness and Dexterity are equal to 1/2 your hardware skill, and its’ Knowledge, Intelligence, and Charisma are equal to 1/2 your software skill. Finally, choose a design form to apply its bonuses and traits to your robot ally along with the machine trait listed below.

You are a mechanical non-living being that does not need to eat, sleep, drink, or breathe to survive. You are also immune to poison, potions, mind-control, disease, spirit abilities, pain, and healing that does not specifically target machines or tech. You cannot regain stamina by taking short rests, and you cannot use spirit abilities or magic unless you have a bound soul (Perk: 1 level token). You cannot use psionics.
Humanoid Form
+0 SM, +3 allocatable attribute points
Gain two machine perks of your choice, or one with an additional upgrade
2 arms, 2 legs
Physical and elemental damage resistance equal to half toughness
Utility Rover Form
-1 SM
Gain the Chemical Analyzer, Standard Optics Package, and Power Generator perks
2 arms, and caterpillar tracks
Physical and Elemental damage resistance equal to toughness
Soldier Form
+1 SM, +1 Fit, +1 Dex, Strength & Toughness equal to your hardware skill
Gain one of the following machine perks: Synched Weapon Mount, Motion Sensor, Internal Radio (with blackmask eavesdropper upgrade).
2 arms, 2 legs
Physical damage resistance equal to toughness
Spyder Form
-3 SM, Strength equal to 1/4 of your hardware skill
Wallcrawler: You can cling to and climb solid surfaces at your full movement speed without a check needed. This allows you to climb up walls and even walk across ceilings without falling.
Gain four of the following machine perks: Standard Optics Package, Neural Jack, Scanner Vision, Sensory Data Recorder, Chemical Analyzer, Motion Sensors, Internal Radio (with blackmask eavesdropper upgrade), Cloaking System (with sabreswift vanisher field upgrade), Synched Weapon Mount
8 legs, no arms
No damage resistance
Pangolin Form
-1 SM, +1 Fit
Rollout Form: (Secondary action: Style) You can tuck your body into an armored ball to increase mobility and defense. Increase your speed skill and DR by 40% (minimum +10 points) and triple your ground movement speed. You cannot use your arms, legs, or items while in rollout form, but equipped items stay equipped. If you pass through an enemy’s position while in rollout form force a speed vs. agility + SM contest. If the victim fails they are knocked prone. You have advantage to dodge while in this form.
2 legs, 2 arms
Physical damage resistance equal to toughness
Anti-Grav Unit Form
-2 SM, +1 Kno or Int, Strength equal to 1/4 your hardware skill
Gain the Anti-Gravity Engine (with Zerover Deluxe AG Engine upgrade) with no stamina cost required, and Synched Weapon Mount or Cloaking System
No arms, No legs
No damage resistance

Robot Ally

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