Attribute & Skill Modifiers
Fitness Dexterity Charisma Knowledge Intelligence
- - - - +1
Strength Melee Bluff Culture Intuition
- - - - -
Speed Accuracy Captivation Science Willpower
- +2 - - +2
Health Agility Intimidation Hardware Perception
+1 +1 - - -
Stamina Sneak Persuasion Software Animal Handling
- - - - -
Toughness Drive Trade Spellcraft Psionics
+2 - - - +4

Basic Traits

Type Size Modified Senses Languages Resistances Weaknesses
Psionic Humanoid Medium, 0 Psionic Vision, Infrared Mindlink only Acid (immunity), Vital strikes (immunity), Heat (Equal to Health) none

Species Abilities

Take these automatically.
Psionic Sensor You have a 360 degree field of vision. When making a perception roll to detect a living thing, add your psionics skill to your roll. However, you are color-blind.
Acid Coat (Secondary action: Acid Buff) You can secrete a potent natural acid from your body. You can use this to modify your non-firearm weapons or unarmed attacks to become coated in acid. This acid deals damage on contact equal to half your health skill each for 1d4 (with advantage) rounds (recurring at the beginning of your turns). If your acid coat touches an enemy’s armor or other equipment, reduce it’s damage resistance score instead of dealing damage (by the same amount). After a successful contact, the acid coating is removed. This acid will not affect an item you own as its assumed you’ve taken necessary preparations to safeguard it being coated in this way.
Natural Psion You do not need to take the Psionic Adaptation perk to use the psionics skill and psionic abilities. If any allies also have this perk or Psionic Adaptation, you may initiate mindlink with them if they are willing and within meters equal to twice your psionics skill.

Species Exclusive Perks

Xytanium Overdrive (Passive action: Style; Psionic Buff; Cost: 3 stamina per round) The crystal growths across your body begin to glow with raw psionic energy, briefly boosting your physical capabilities. Temporarily increase your fitness and dexterity attributes by 1/4 of your psionics skill.
Xytanium Skin Your crystal growths are overgrown, forming a thick armor. You gain a natural physical damage resistance equal to your toughness skill.
Master of Puppets (Secondary action: Psionics, Cost: 1 stamina) You may temporarily “borrow” an ability from a willing ally until the beginning of your or their next turn. You cannot use a borrowed ability unless you would otherwise be able to (For example: Using spells, but not having the magery perk). While that chosen ability is borrowed, the ability’s owner cannot use that ability. You can hold onto this borrowed ability as a passive action, but must continue paying the stamina cost. You must use the secondary action again to switch to a different ability, and may only have one borrowed ability at a time. The ability’s owner can choose to retake their ability at any time as a free action.
You may take control of a willing ally for the remainder of this turn. Their Dex and Fit related skills remain at their level, but Cha, Int and Kno skills are temporarily equal to your own. You may use any actions you have remaining through this ally’s body, but this ally can eject your control at any time they choose.


Body Description
The Xytan are a humanoid species renowned for their psionic abilities, crystal growths, and unusual appearance. Their body naturally grows crystals that protect the vital organs from trauma and many say they are crucial to the function of their psionics. Their crystals can come in many colors, but their skin is often a dark grey or black. Their skin is covered in large pores, which can secrete extremely acidic compounds. Their face has no eyes, nose or traditional mouth. Their mouthpart is a sort of long curved beak, that pierces the tissue and drinks the inner fluids, which are usually turned to pulpy liquids by their acid secretions. The upper portion of the head and face is often covered in a solid crystal shell that shields the brain and is adapted to detect psionic auras and heat. Xytan often have excellent hearing and ears that are encased. While the Xytan lack claws to puncture their prey, they often carry blades with them everywhere, as it is greatly helpful for feeding. Their simple digestive system makes their torso appear very slender in comparison to most other humanoid species.
Average Height
1.8-2 meters
Average Weight
135-450 kg
Average Lifespan
130-150 years


Home world
Generally none as they often prefer solitude
Generally none, but those few who worship generally revere gods representing aspects of darkness, light, courage, harmony, decay, air and hunting.
Common Names
The Xytan do not have or use names among each other. However, among aliens, they are likely to assume the name of great reverence or respect among their people, or a word describing their job or mission.
Common Characteristics
Curious, quiet, mysterious, assiduous
Common Occupations

Cultural Aptitude

Main Allies Main Enemies
- -
Population Size Magic
Below Average Above Average
Melee Combat Ranged Combat
Above Average Good
Diplomacy Wealth
Average Below Average
Technology Space-faring
Poor Poor


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