Destruction Spells

Acid Bomb:
Acid Spray:
Acid Shot:
Acid Wave:
Concussive Bomb:
Concussive Shot:
Concussive Wave:
Fire Bomb:
Fire Wave:
Frag Spray:
Frag Wave:
Frag Shot:
Electric Bomb:

Electric Arc
A crackling arc of electricity leaps violently towards an unfortunate target.
(Primary action: Spell (16): Electric Beam; Cost: 1 mana) You may shoot a beam of electric damage at a single target within meters equal to your spellcraft skill of you. The target has disadvantage to dodge this attack. Upon a hit, the target takes 2d8 electric damage.
Mastery I:
Bonus Damage: Gain damage advantage to this attack.
Mastery II:
Chained Arc: After a successful hit, you may expend another mana point to initiate another electric arc attack centered from the the target you hit last. You may only attempt to hit a target with this chained attack that you have not already struck this turn. A missed attack will end this chain.

Electric Wave:
Ice Bomb:
Ice Shot:
Ice Beam:
Freezing Spray:

Freezing Wave
An unnaturally bitterly cold wind rushes from your aura and threatens to freeze all around you
(Primary action: Spell (20): Cold Aura Blast; Cost: 2 mana) You may spread your attack up to a radius equal to your spellcraft in meters. All within this radius take cold damage equal to half your spellcraft +1d8. Damaged targets are subject to the frostbitten and frozen conditions.
Mastery I:
Biting Cold:Your freezing wave damage becomes equal to your full spellcraft skill+1d8 if you pay an additional mana point.
Mastery II:
Weakening Cold: Upon a hit, the victim(s) frostbite resistance is reduced by 1d10.
Mastery III:
Lingering Cold: Upon a hit, your attack also inflicts 1d6 cold damage per turn for 1d4 turns.

Ice Storm:
Break Item:
Light Bomb:
Light Beam:
Light Wave:
Light Storm:

Magic Missile
You fire a shot of pure arcane energy that is capable of piercing through most any armor.
(Primary action: Spell (18): Affliction shot; Cost: 1 mana) Your shot is dealt as magic affliction damage on a hit equal to your half your spellcraft skill+1d6.
Mastery I:
Guided: You have advantage to hit with magic missiles.
Mastery II:
Damage Bonus:If you spend an additional mana point, your magic missile deals your full spellcraft skill in damage instead of half.
Mastery III:
Cantrip:This spell becomes a cantrip.

Thunder Shout:
Thunder Smash:

Your foe is simultaneously struck with a powerful bolt of lightning and rocked with the resulting thunderclap.
(Primary action: Spell (25): Electric Beam + Sonic Affliction; Cost: 2 mana) Inflict 2d4 sonic affliction damage upon a hit or miss. Upon a hit, inflict electric damage equal to your spellcraft +3d4.
Mastery I:
Thunderclap Blast: For 1 additional mana point, you can change your sonic affliction damage to a blast with a radius equal to or less than half your spellcraft skill.
Mastery II:
Manacharged Bolt: You can expend 1 extra mana point when casting to add a bonus +1d4 to sonic affliction and +1d4 to electric beam.
Mastery III:
Chained Thunderbolt: After a successful hit, you attempt to initiate another thunderbolt spell centered from the the target you hit last as a free action. You may only attempt to hit a target with this chained attack that you have not already struck this turn. A missed attack will end this chain.
Arcane Crush
_You conjure two dense slabs that slam together, sandwiching your target. _
(Primary action: Spell (20): Crushing Shot; Cost: 2 mana
The target cannot block or counter this attack. Upon a hit, deal crushing damage equal to your twice your spellcraft skill.
Mastery I:
Manacharged Smash: Per additional mana point spent, deal an additional 1d6 crushing damage.
Mastery II:
Stealth Slabs: Your slabs are more difficult to spot before its too late. Your target is at a disadvantage to dodge this spell.
Mastery III:
Entombment: The resulting debris from the smashed slabs is form into a hardened box around the target with durability equal to three times your spellcraft skill.

Destruction Spells

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