minidrone swarm

How to Control a minidrone Swarm

Minidrones do not have the response time to dodge or counter attacks. minidrone swarms can perform 2 different actions per turn if the user, or a user approved ally, expends a command action:

Move Move the entire swarm or all individual clusters up to its movement score.
Separate or Combine The swarm can separate off into smaller clusters and can move 2 meters each in any direction apart. When in smaller clusters, they count as a different swarm and can receive a different set of commands. Alternatively, you can use this action, to combine separated clusters back together.
Attack Perform a basic ranged or melee attack (damages listed by minidrone design). When performing an attack roll, melee attacks gain the spray damage type.
Delay Wait
Analyze (Scout only; touch) Determine the chemical composition of something.

Basic Stats

Damage Variable
Cost 100,000 credits
HP 1 each
Number Your software skill x 4
Concealability +10
Complexity 30
Weight Negligible
Movement (Flight) Hardware skill (or 10 if lower) in meters
Dexterity 3/4 of your software skill (or 7 if lower)
Swarm Size Mod 1-9: -5
10-19: -4
20-29: -3
30-39: -2
40-49: -1
50-59: 0
and so on.

Attacking a Minidrone Swarm

When an enemy successfully hits a minidrone swarm, they can only destroy a maximum equal to half their melee skill per strike when using melee attacks, or the amount of shots that hit when using ranged attacks. Spray attacks can destroy a maximum amount equal to their accuracy skill per hit. Attacks that cover a set area (such as auras) do not have these kill limits. Guardian drones that are commanded to guard, lose the benefit of this kill limit.

Minidrone Designs

When purchasing or upgrading a minidrone swarm, pick a design type from the list below and gain its abilities.

Injection minidrones
Each drone can deliver and inject a chemical payload equal to 1/4 of a normal dosage.
Shredder minidrones
Each drone deals 1d4 slashing damage on a hit.
Shock minidrones
Each drone inflicts 2 electric damage on a hit.
Incendiary minidrones
Each drone inflicts 2 fire damage on a hit.
Scout minidrones
Gives the user line-of-sight from their line-of-sight and can analyze the chemical composition of substances with a touch
Guardian minidrones
Each drone can be commanded to perform a guard action, block an ally or target within 1 meter of itself, redirecting damage from this target until it reaches zero HP and is destroyed. The HP of guardian drones is equal to 1/4 of your hardware skill (or 3 if lower).
Kamikaze minidrones
Each drone deals 1d6 explosive damage on a hit and are destroyed.
Microfabrication minidrones
Your drones can now assist in repairing and modifying minidrones or other small pieces of tech. Time needed to modify minidrones or other very machinery (GM discretion) is now reduced by 1 hour per 8 assistant minidrones you have assisting you. They are also treated as being able to perform as Mastersmith Nanites (listed in cybernetics perks).

Improving/Replacing minidrones

Buying new minidrones to replace destroyed ones generally costs 100,000

20,000 credits or 50 minus your software skill hours modifying time
Seeks out openings in armor, ignoring equipped armor that isnt space-worthy or airtight.
15,000 credits or 40 minus your software skill modifying time
Your swarm gains the ability to make dodge attempts. Their dodge score is equal to their dexterity.
5,000 credits or 16 minus your software or hardware skill hours modifying time
Extend range by 1 kilometer.
30,000 credits or 60 minus your software skill hours modifying time
Can attempt to find you if lost and can function on their own. These minidrones gain the swarm attack action that allows individual attack damages to be able to be combined and treated as one hit instead of separate ones.
20,000 credits or 50 minus your hardware skill hours modifying time
Each minidrone has an additional +3 HP
30,000 credits or 60 minus your software skill hours modifying time
You regain your full quantity of minidrones after an extended rest.
50,000 credits or 70 minus your software skill hours modifying time
Your drone swarm gains an additional design type. If it gains different attack damage types, you can choose combine these types and damages into one hit.

minidrone swarm

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