Necromancy Spells

Bone Shatter
(Primary action: Spell (24); Necromancy, Cost: 2 stamina) Choose a target that has bones within line of sight. If this target is a skeleton, it inflicts 5d10x2 affliction damage. Otherwise, choose a limb, skull, torso or other target approved by the GM. The target takes crushing affliction damage equal to 1/2 your spellcraft skill as their bones become warped and you attempt to break them. Force a contest of spellcraft vs toughness. If the victim fails this contest, that bone becomes broken and they take an additional 3d6 piercing explosive affliction damage. If they succeed that contest, that bone has a disadvantage to resist any bone breaking abilities until their next extended rest.
Conjure Dead
(Primary action: Spell (20); Necromancy, Cost: 2 stamina) This spell requires the Animate Dead. spell. You conjure an animated skeleton or a zombie at a location of your choice within line of sight. The conjured dead controls as if it were animated by the animate dead spell.
Bone Mend
(Secondary action: Spell (Cantrip); Necromancy, Healing, Touch) Cure any target you are touching of the broken bone condition. You may also use this spell to fuse any exposed bones together as if they were one piece.
(Primary action: Spell (30); Necromancy, Touch; Cost: 5 stamina) Choose a target you’re touching that has bones. The target must make a health vs spellcraft contest. If the target fails, they temporarily gain the deboned condition for 1d4 turns. While afflicted with deboned, the target temporarily has no bones and cannot make any movements by physical means except speech or any other actions that the GM approves that does not require bones. The target also takes 4x any damage inflicted to their head (After DR).
Animate Dead
(Primary action: Spell (Cantrip); Necromancy; Cost: 2 stamina) Choose a corpse or skeleton target within line of sight. That target will immediately rise as a Skeleton or a Zombie under your command. After expending a command action, they can be ordered to perform a movement and primary or secondary action each turn. This spell lasts for hours equal to your spellcraft skill, after which the targets resume death.
Astral Projection
(Primary action: Spell (Cantrip) Necromancy, Spirit; Cost: 1 stamina) Your body and spirit become separated and you can move around as a disembodied spirit until you come enter the same space as your body. While your body is separated from you, it is considered unconscious and cannot awaken until you re-enter it. You can use ability while sleeping without penalty.
Mastery I
Quick Return
You can instantly teleport back into your body as a movement action while in Astral Projection.
(Primary action: Spell (30) Necromancy; Cost: 3 stamina) Select a target within line of sight. The target takes heat affliction damage equal to your twice your spellcraft skill and instantly becomes bound in a magic burial cloth. To escape this cloth, they must succeed a strength or spellcraft contest against your spellcraft skill. They can make an attempt to escape each time they are targeted for an attack (before the hit vs defense roll) and as a primary action during their turn. Each escape attempt at escape costs 1 stamina. Until they escape, they cannot move their body and cannot make standard defensive actions.
Mastery I
Dry Out
The victim takes additional recurring heat damage at the end of each of their turns equal to your spellcraft skill until they escape the burial cloth.
Mastery II
Snug as a Mug
Victims have a disadvantage to escape from their burial cloths.
Rot Flesh
(Primary action: Spell (20) Necromancy; Cost: 1 stamina) Choose living target within line of sight. A chosen living target takes poison affliction damage equal to your spellcraft skill +1d6. Any natural armor they have is halved until they become cured (1 hour, Heal difficulty: 25). This spell can be applied more than once to the same target.
(Optional Passive action: Spell Aura (Cantrip); Necromancy) You can choose to exude an aura of death around you in a radius equal to half your spellcraft skill in meters. Tiny animals, plants, etc within this aura die instantly. Other living enemies take poison affliction damage equal to half your spellcraft skill at the beginning of a turn spent within this aura.
Mastery I
Reach of Death
The range of your lifebane aura is now equal to your full spellcraft skill in meters.

Rot Lungs:
Rot Brain:
Rot Liver:
Putrify Blood:
Vein Crush:
Bloodrush: Intensify bleed damage
Rotting Aura:
Corpse Graft:
Bone Armor:
Bone Weapon:

(Primary action: Spell (25); Necromancy Shapeshift Hex; Cost: 2) Select a target within line of sight and a body area (Head, Torso, or any limb). This target begins to become afflicted with a rapidly spreading bone growth over that body area. Any rolls made that require the use of that body area are at a penalty equal to 1/2 your spellcraft skill until cured. Any abilities or attacks that inflict the broken bone condition and deal damage now deal 60% bonus damage to that body part.

Bind Soul:
Drain Lifeforce:
Command Undead:
Cannibal Shift: Eat guy. Instant disguise!
Spread Disease:
Free Undead:
Corpse Bomb:

Death Vision
(Magic) You gain the death vision sense. This vision allow you to detect when others within your normal line of sight reaches 25% or less of their maximum HP. You can detect the presence of others who are at zero HP or lower (or are undead) within a radius equal to 5x your spellcraft skill in meters (even if you cannot detect them with any other sense). Determining their exact location within this radius may require a perception check issued by the GM.
Delay Death
(Primary action: Spell (18); Necromancy Buff Hex; Cost: 1 stamina) You know how a few tricks of death that let you stand defiantly at its doors and refuse to enter. Choose a target within line of sight. For their next 3 turns, this target gains an additional 1d20 when rolling against death.
Mastery I
Slightly Less Dead
(Healing) If a target under the effect of delay death is at zero HP or below, restore 1d20 HP to that target. The healing from this ability stops when you reach zero HP.

Muscle Rot:
Feign Death:
Command Spirit:
Hasten Death:
Delay Decay:

Necromancy Spells

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