Overcharge Shot

This setting is a risky and battery draining way to get extra power out of your weapon.

You may spend 1 secondary action and +1 ammo to “overcharge” the next shot on this weapon. Overcharging adds the listed bonus to your damage roll and a damage advantage. After firing. Any additional rounds that hit after an overcharged shot are at normal damage and ammo expenditure.

You may continue to overcharge one shot beyond the first, but at a risk. On your second and further overcharge action, roll 1d6. On a 6, the weapon explodes, inflicting 4d10 explosive heat damage across . For each additional overcharge action taken beyond the second, reduce the result needed to explode by 1 and increase the damage by 1d10. Each overcharge action expends an additional 1 ammo.

Overcharge Turns Failure Risk Ammo Expended Damage Bonus
Overcharge Turn 1 No Danger 2 ammo +1dx, 1 dmg advantage
Overcharge Turn 2 1/6 Chance
4d10 dmg
3 ammo +2dx, 2 dmg advantages
Overcharge Turn 3 1/3 Chance
5d10 dmg
4 ammo +3dx, 3 dmg advantages

and so on..

Overcharge Shot

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