Potioncraft Spells

Potioncraft, is a specialized type chemistry focused on making potions. While it can be done simply with science, it is often done by a combination of science and spellcraft. While some favor one skill over the other, both can be useful for this art. Therefore, whenever attempting to brew a potion, a special skill is needed: Potioncraft: science+spellcraft skills. Using this skill, you can follow the directions below on how to use, create, combine and modify your potions.
A list of base potions are listed at the bottom of this page.

Types of Potions

Potions come in three types, listed below:

Tonics are a healing or stat boosting potion.
Poisons are often a harmful potion that causes damage, conditions, or decreases a stat.
Mutagens are a potion that changes a targets body in an extreme way, often as a mutation.

Using Potions

Potions, by default, have to be drank or injected into a living target to obtain their effect. This can be changed with modification, but once affected the rules are the same. All your active potion’s “potency” scores should not exceed your health skill or you will be subject to overdose. This can result in vomiting your potions and losing their effects, sickness and in the worst cases even death. When a potions effect wears off, it is considered nullified from this count. You can take multiple potions of the same effect, and the effects will stack. Drinking a potion is a secondary action.
Unless modified to be, or is already, an instant, a potion will need 1d4 turns in combat or 1d4 minutes outside of combat to take effect.

Crafting & Modifying Potions

To create a potion, you must use your potioncraft skill to pass the listed skill check (Example: Instant Tonic: 25;). During an extended rest, you may craft an amount of potions equal to 1/4 of your potioncraft score per hour. Modifications can also lengthen the time needed to craft.

Concentrated & Speedy Crafting
You may sacrifice time to focus on an exceptionally challenging craft. To do this, simply give up one of your potential potions you could make during this period for an advantage on crafting a different potion.
You can also perform this sort of practice backwards, sacrificing attention to detail for speed. To do this, gain a disadvantage on two potion crafting rolls during this period and gain a bonus potion crafting attempt.

If you want to make a potion with only modifiers and no other effects, such as a fuel, bomb or smoke bomb, start with the base potion listed below:

Blank Compound: (Compound: 5)

Modifying Potions

You can use any number of these modifying effects when attempting to alter or craft a potion. Remember, the more you improve or alter your potion, the harder it becomes!

Difficulty bonus: +6
You may take this modifier multiple times. When rolling for the duration of potion, add another die of the same type.
Difficulty bonus: +7
Requires the contact modifier
The potions effects will carry over to another target if physical contact is made with an affected victim or the affected bodily fluids of the victim.
Difficulty bonus: +3
Instead of drinking the potion, a target must only make physical contact with the potion to become affected.
Difficulty bonus: +4
The potions effect will be delayed by a time of your choosing (max of 12 hours)
Difficulty bonus: +5
The potion is more concentrated. You may take this modifier more than once. When rolling for an effect ( not duration) of the potion, add an additional die of the same type. Add +1 to the potency score.
Difficulty bonus: +7
A potion that would normally take time to take effect activates immediately. This does not apply for a gas spread or recurring effects and damages.
Difficulty bonus: +7
After being unleashed from its container, the mixture becomes an airborne gas. It will begin at 2 meter radius from its starting point and double its radius for 1d4 turns before dissipating. If it fills an airtight room, it will not dissipate until allowed to expand beyond its capacity.
Difficulty bonus: +4
This will cause a mixture to burst open from its container if the container has taken damage (For example, being dropped or thrown).
Difficulty bonus: +6
Your mixture has either an undetectable or unsuspicious odor and flavor.
Difficulty Bonus: +6
Your mixture is explosive and can be triggered by taking electric, radiation or fire damage. A bomb mixture can only be set off by taking any damage if combined with the volatile modifier. This modifier is nullified once imbibed. Each level of this modifier gives 3d8 explosive damage and a radius of 1d4 meters once triggered.
Difficulty Bonus: +7
(Requires the Gas modifier) When released, your mixture will be in the form of a thick smoke that obscures vision. Those who are within the smoke or try to look beyond the smoke will be forced to make a perception check for visibility. Each level you add of smoke gives a 5 point difficulty to the check.
Difficulty: +9
Your potion/mixture is highly flammable and can be used as a fuel or incendiary compound. Restore 1d8 fuel points if used as a fuel. If ignited on a target, inflict 1d8 fire damage for 1d4 turns or until extinguished.
Difficulty: +8
Your mixture cannot be washed off of skin with normal water. If combined with the fuel/incendiary trait, it also cannot be extinguished with normal water.


Athlete’s Ale
Instant Tonic: 25; Potency: 3
Temporarily Increase your Fit attribute by 1d4 pts for 1d4 rounds.
Acrobat’s Ale
Instant Tonic: 20; Potency: 2
Temporarily increase your agility and speed by 1d4.
Coordination Tonic
Instant Tonic: 25; Potency: 3
Temporarily Increase your Dex attribute by 1d4 points for 1d4 rounds/minutes.
Instant Tonic:18; Potency: 4
A fermented Grukkish beverage made with herbs and Hrougruffian Boar milk. Restore 3d4 HP and 1d4 stamina.
Stamina Potion
Instant Tonic: 18; Potency: 3
Restore 1d6 stamina points.
Brainbooster Tonic
Instant Tonic: 30; Potency: 4
Temporarily increase your Int and Kno attributes by 1d4 points for 1d4 rounds/minutes.
Silvertongue Tonic
Instant Tonic: 25; Potency: 4
Temporarily increase your Cha attribute by 1d4 points for 1d4 rounds/minutes.
Health Tonic
Instant Tonic: 15; Potency: 1
Restores 2d6 HP.
Reflex Tonic
Instant Tonic: 20; Potency: 4
Add a temporary 1d4 to your defense action scores.
Quicker Liquor
Instant Tonic: 30; Potency: 5
You gain haste for 1d4 turns.
Liquid Courage
Instant Tonic: 18; Potency: 2
Become fearless for 1d6 turns or 1d6 minutes.
Nulfrost Potion
Instant Tonic: 15; Potency: 2
Gain 1d10 damage resistance to cold damage for 1d6 turns.
Nulflame Tonic
Instant Tonic: 15; Potency: 2
Gain 1d10 damage resistance to fire damage for 1d6 turns.
Nulshock Tonic
Instant Tonic: 15; Potency: 2
Gain 1d10 damage resistance to electric damage for 1d6 turns
Nulrad Tonic
Instant Tonic: 15; Potency: 2
Gain 1d10 damage resistance to radiant damage for 1d6 turns
Nul-psi Tonic
Instant Tonic: 15; Potency: 2
Gain 1d10 damage resistance to psionic damage for 1d6 turns
Nulspell Tonic
Instant Tonic: 15; Potency: 2; Magery required
Gain 1d10 damage resistance to magic damage for 1d6 turns
Vomit Tonic
Instant Tonic: 15; Potency: None
You instantly lose the effect and potency of all ingested potions, poisons or drugs in your system.


Varanid Venom
Instant Poison: 20; Potency: 4
Take 3d6 poison damage per turn/minute (minus health) for 1d6 turns.
Assassin’s Brew
Odorless/Tasteless Poison: 25; Potency: 5
Take 3d8 poison damage per turn/minute (minus health) for 2d4 turns.
Lethargy Liquor
Poison: 20; Potency: 2
Take a -1d6 penalty to willpower checks and lose 1d4 stamina and morale.
Brawn Bane
Poison: 16; Potency: 2
Reduce strength skill by 1d6.
Paralyzing Poison
Poison: 25; Potency: 4
Become stunned for 1d4 rounds/minutes or until you pass successfully pass a health check of 25+1d20. (Roll at the beginning of your turn) If you succeed, you are staggered for the remainder of those 1d4 rounds/minutes
Stamina Poison
Poison: 20;
Lose 2d4 stamina
Asphyxia Mixia
Poison: 30; Potency: 6
Lose the ability to breathe for 1d4 turns. While unable to breathe, temporarily lose 1d4 stamina point each turn. if their stamina drops to zero while this potion is still active, they die.
Anesthetic Mix
Instant Poison: 15; Potency 3
Victim must roll health vs 12 at the start of their turn, with difficulty increasing by 4 for 1d8 turns. Upon a failure, the target falls unconscious for 1d10 turns or minutes or until they are woken up (Primary action).
Stamina Stagnator
Instant Poison: 16; Potency: 3
Victim loses 1d4 stamina points each turn for 1d4 turns.
Psionic Stagnator
Instant Poison: 18; Potency: 4
Reduce the victims psionics skill by 1d6 for 1d4 rounds.
Sicker Ichor
Instant Poison: 14; Potency: 1
Reduce the targets health skill by 1d6 for 1d6 rounds.
Brainrot Brandy
Instant Poison: 18; Potency: 2
Reduce the victims Cha, Int and Kno skills by 1d4 for 1d6 rounds.
Berserk Brew
Victim gains Rage for 1d6 turns with aggro determined randomly at the start of each turn.
Reality Poison
Poison: 22; Potency: 4
Victim begins to hallucinate wildly and have trouble distinguishing reality. Victim has disadvantage to defense, perception, willpower, and intuition rolls.
Three Sheets Special
Odorless/Tasteless Poison: -; Potency: 4
Victim makes a health contest vs your potion crafting roll result. If the victim fails, they become Drunk. With each additional portion of this potion drank after the first, the victim gains a disadvantage to resist.
Blinding Poison
Instant Poison: 18; Potency: 3
Victim becomes temporarily blind (from normal vision, nightvision, and darkvision) for 1d6 turns or minutes.
Pain Poison
Poison: 15; Potency: 3
Victim suffers brief but intense non-lethal pain, loses 1d4 morale and takes a -1d4 penalty to all actions for 1d4 turns.
Manabind Poison
Instant Poison: 16; Potency: 4
Victim has difficulty accessing their mana. Victim has a disadvantage to casting rolls and spells require double their normal amount of stamina to cast.


Invisibility Potion
Mutagen: Become invisible for 1d4 min. This invisibility does not apply for hyperspectral, psionic vision or detection spells.
Spitfire Cider
Instant Mutagen: 25; Potency: 4
Gain the spitfire breath ability for 1d4 turns, listed below:
spitfire breath: (Secondary action: Fire spray)
You spew fire from your mouth that can hit a target up to 2 meters away. Upon a hit, deal your health skill in fire damage.
Aqualung Ale
Mutagen: 22; Potency: 4
You can breathe underwater for 3d6+health skill minutes.
Nighteye Nectar
Mutagen: 20; Potency: 3
Gain night vision for 2d4 hours.
Regen Gin
Mutagen: 25; Potency: 5
Regenerate HP each turn equal to half your health skill for 1d6 turns.
Big Swig
Mutagen: 20; Potency: 3
Increase your SM (Size) by +1 for 1d6 turns/minutes.
Shrink Drink
Mutagen: 20; Potency: 3
Decrease your SM (Size) by -1 for 1d6 turns/minutes.

Potioncraft Spells

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