The tools section does not include items such as weapons, vehicles, armor, etc.
Items marked with a * are encouraged to be nearly exclusively sold in the black market if not acquired through your occupation.


Thief Kit*
Law Enforcer Kit
Construction Kit
Smiths Kit
Outfitter Kit
Interrogation Kit*
Hunters Kit
Surgeons Kit
Explorer Kit
Artist Kit
Brewers Kit
Culinary Kit
Soldier Kit
Farming Kit
Cyber Ops Kit*
Priests Kit
Disguise Kit
Magicians Kit
Scribes Kit
Scientist Kit
Mechanics Kit
Basic Tool Kit
Detective Kit
Poison Kit*
Guardian Kit
Orators Kit

Individual Items

Grappling Hook
Two-handed, Cost: 75 credits, Weight: 3 kg, HP: 40
Can be attached to a rope, chain, cable, etc (Not included) to allow easier climbing or drag in an enemy or item. attempting to throw and hook the grappling hook is primary action and uses the accuracy skill. The grappling hook can be thrown a distance of 1d4+strength skill in meters
Dragging Enemies/Item: When an enemy or item is hooked, force a strength vs strength (or difficulty check for a non-held item) contest at the beginning of the thrower and hooked characters turn. The winner can optionally reel in whatever is hooked equal to 1/4 of their victory margin in meters as a secondary action. The grappling hook user can avoid being pulled in if they lose by letting go of the rope (free action).
For Climbing: When used for climbing, if you pass the accuracy check (determined by the GM), gain a 50% bonus to your climbing rolls towards the hooked anchorpoint.
Grappling Launch Adaptor
Cost: 50 credits
This allows your grappling hook (not included) to optimally fit into any standard non-laser rifle, shotgun, bow, crossbow or air cannon to further the distance and accuracy of your grappling hook shots. Gain an accuracy to your grappling hook shots equal to the weapon’s or tool’s accuracy trait. It can launch the hook up to 5x the weapons maximum base damage in meters.
Can be combined with a rope, chain, cable, etc to pull whatever two things it becomes anchored to closer together. The winch will always pull the lighter load towards the heavier anchor. The winch comes in 3 sizes, portable, vehicle, and super, with stats listed below:
Cost: 800 credits, Weight: 5 kg, Max Pull: 800 kg, Max Pull Speed: 3 meters/turn
Cost: 2,500 credits, Weight: 80 kg, Max Pull: 10,000 kg, Max Pull Speed: 5 meters/turn
Cost: 15,000 credits, Weight: 750 kg, Max Pull: 100,000 kg, Max Pull Speed: 10 meters/turn
Air Cannon
Cost: 1,000 credits, Weight: 8 kg, HP: 35
A powerful compressed air launcher good for launching grappling hooks, grenades, rocks, or anything else that can fit down the barrel. It can effectively launch any compact size or smaller item that is 3 kg or less. For combat purposes it treats the item as being thrown with strength 30, with an accuracy disadvantage to hit. It has a maximum range of 150 meters.
Rope, Chain, & Cable
Always good to have plenty on hand.
Rope (Nylon):
Cost: 2 credits/meter, Weight: 60g per meter, Safe Load: 150 kg and under, HP: 5
Cost: 10 credits/meter, Weight: 0.3 kg per meter, Safe Load: 2,200 kg and under, HP: 40
Heavy Cable:
Cost: 20 credits/meter, Safe Load: 10,000 kg and under, HP: 120
Grants a 50% bonus to forced entry, prying and opening rolls or , with a maximum bonus equal to the DR of the material it is made from. It can also be used as an improvised weapon.
Torch (Hardwood):
Cost: 4 credits, Weight: 0.5 kg, Light: Bright light for 5 meters and low light 5 further meters , HP: 8
Cost: 50 credits, Weight: 0.1 kg, , Light: Bright light in a 1 meter-wide by 30 meter long beam and low light for a further 1 meter by 30 meters, HP: 12
Cost: 100 credits, Weight: 0.2 kg, Light: Bright light in a 10 meter radius, low light for a further 10 meter radius, HP: 10
Blinding Powder*
Smoke Bomb
Flashbang Bomb*
Everburning Torch
Claw Hammer
Nails & Screws
Cost: Free, Weight: 50 per kg, HP: 10
Holy Symbol
Cost: 50 credits, Weight: 0.5 kg, HP: 10
Bag of Holding
Scanning Wand
Night Vision Goggles
Thermal Vision Goggles
X-Ray Goggles*
Scanner Goggles
Musical Instrument
Food Rations
Hand Mirror
Plasma Cutter
Welding Torch
Battering Ram
Concrete Saw
Recon Drone
Pepper Spray
Great Glue
Ballistic Bubble


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